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Sedbergh School using AP Capture

In this previous blog, you will have seen that Sedbergh School are one of our latest AP Capture and Nacsport users. The school have a 16×9 Mobile Tripod IP Camera solution along with a Nacsport Basic Plus video analysis system which they are mostly using with their Rugby team at present. Recently, Simon Mulholland was kind enough to provide us with some pictures of the camera in use at the school along with his thoughts and feedback about the solutions. In the picture below, it’s great to see the students using the IP Cameras, and for us it’s nice to know that they are experiencing some unique filming methods. We wanted to share this with you, so here you go!

The camera is absolutely brilliant. We are delighted with it. We have only managed to film one match so far due to its arrival time, but we have also been using it at training so we can become familiar with the way it works. Along with Nacsport, it is going to take our analysis to the next level and we are very grateful for AnalysisPro’s help with this.

Sedbergh School use AP Capture Telescopic Sports Mast


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