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SRU Scotland Women will use Nacsport

This week, we would like to say a big thanks to the Scottish Rugby Union for their continued trust in ourselves and the video analysis software Nacsport.

Video analysis is a pivotal part of the International game and it’s use is spreading all the way down to the grass roots levels of sports thanks to affordable products and support mechanisms that are now in place. Nacsport is currently in use with the SRU Regional Academy Coaches and U18 team, and has been selected by SRU Lead Performance Analyst Rob Holdsworth as the video analysis software of choice for an ongoing development of analysis provisions for different teams and levels within the SRU structure.

Recently, Rob has been focussed on increasing the level of analysis within the Women’s teams. For this reason, he has chosen 2 Scout Plus, 5 Basic Plus and 6 Viewer licences for the Women’s team to use.

I feel that the quality and depth of analysis that we can provide using Nacsport will play a crucial role in the development of our players and teams.

The variety of different Nacsport versions will mean that the teams can carry out analysis in detail and also easily present this to players and coaches for them to review and learn from on the software too. Helping the coaches and analysts of the Women’s teams to use the Nacsport software and learn more about analysis processes is an important part of the SRU development. We will be on hand to assist with supporting the users of Nacsport and educating them about video analysis processes that can be applied.

With regards to ourselves and what we provide, Rob was kind enough to say this!

One of the best things about AnalysisPro Ltd is that they are always on hand to help out.  The impression we get from them is that they are all about helping you get the most out of the software rather than just selling you something then moving on to the next sale.

We are really pleased with the SRU’s continued trust in who we are and what we represent, and we look forward to a continued long lasting relationship that will see us provide different processes and solutions to all levels of the SRU performance structure.

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