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Synergetic Workflows

A week focussed around compatible workflows. The easy synchronisation of Wyscout and AP Viewer is a new thing to shout about, so that teams who use the Wyscout service can easily download the video file and XML file, put those into a folder, run it through AP Packager then when transferred onto the iPad they can review their footage, timeline and matrix data wherever they go, all at the end of their fingertips! The ability to draw on their footage with AP Viewer also means that points can be made clearer, and when using the link of iPads and Apple TV, team feedback sessions can be easily presented just by using AP Viewer.

An overall and continuing synchronicity is achieved with links between Nacsport, AP Viewer and Team Performance Exchange. When you throw the IP Camera solution and AP Capture into that mix to provide you with your video source, you are looking at a complete solution for video collection, analysis, dissemination, feedback and performance improvements. And best of all, each component is an affordable and powerful solution!

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