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University College Dublin (UCD) choose Nacsport

Today we would like to welcome University College Dublin (UCD) as one of our latest Nacsport users. They join another growing list of Nacsport users who are from the Educational Sector, with many other Coleges, Shcools and Universities using Nacsport to enhance their feedback, coaching, learning and general video analysis workflows. UCD have purchased 10 Nacsport Scout Plus Student Rental licences for students on their MSc course, along with a full Scout Plus licence that will be used by staff at the University.

At the end of January, I visited UCD to provide a training day to staff and students on how to use Nacsport and other video analysis processes like filming, merging video files and sharing content. I firstly met Denise McGrath, lecturer at UCD, who was the person that got in touch with us when she was looking for help with information and advice on implementing video analysis onto their MSc course. I spent some time showing Denise more about Nacsport and we also discussed the Performance Analysis discipline as a whole, which led me to write this blog on the Visual Performance Analysis website.

During the evening, students from the MSc course travelled into the University (some only just managing to overcome the snow that was causing sever travel problems!) where I delivered a session introducing them to video analysis, who it benefits and how Nacsport can be easily used to facilitate this. There was a mix of experience levels in the class with some who have never used video analysis software, so it was great to have a simple yet really powerful Nacsport tool to use for bridging the gap between hand notation and computerised analysis. The Independent Notes tool, available from Basic Plus onwards, allows you to watch the game then simply press the Ctrl key to add a note to that part of the video. In the process it will create a 10 second video clip (unless you change the settings) of 5 seconds before and after your pressed the Ctrl key which has your text notes associated to it. So before we even looked at creating and using a template, all the students got used to simply watching a video and using the different playback controls in Nacsport, then pressing the Ctrl key and adding some notes at different points. After that, we entered the timeline environment so I could show how all of those clips and Notes could be easily reviewed or edited if needed. This tool is a very powerful “assistant” of mine as you can quickly empower others on completing one of the most important (yet generalised) video analysis processes: Get video in, break it down (with notes), review and inform feedback. This video shows that tool in action:

Of course we covered lots of other processes in the training and importantly everyone learned how to create and use a template, review a timeline and matrix and create a presentation of selected clips with added notes and drawings. The presentation window was a big area of focus as it would be used by the students to complete their coursework task of providing a video feedback resource based on their analysis.

Denise was kind enough to provide some feedback and further information on the course, training day and Nacsport:

“This year at University College Dublin (UCD), we launched a new MSc course in Coaching and Exercise Science. One of the 10 credit modules taken by the students is Performance Analysis for Sport. This is the first time this module has been offered at UCD. We undertook a scoping exercise to see what types of software and support were available in this market. We needed something that would be cost effective and easy to use, with good quality training resources for our students. Having spoken with the staff at AnalysisPro, we were impressed with their helpful and flexible approach towards what we were aiming to achieve at UCD. We decided to go with Nacsport as our match analysis software. Josh Bryan came to UCD to deliver a training workshop with our students that was very well received. He was generous with his time and advice with the students, and showed them how the software can be used for both video editing and for computerised coding of any type of sporting activity. The students will use this software to support their portfolio work across a range of sports. They are also in a position to extend their practical learning over the next year with the 1-year Nacsport student licences that we purchased for them. Similarly, the supporting YouTube videos provided by AnalysisPro are an excellent teaching resource available to the students beyond the duration of this course.”

We would like to say a big thanks to Denise for her words and that we look forward to working closely with the UCD staff and students as they use Nacsport during their MSc course and practical learning.

Also, I would like to leave you with this final picture. Unfortunately my flight back from Dublin got cancelled due to the snow I mentioned above, so I had a lot of time in Dublin Airport and then London City Airport to catch up on some work, play with Nacsport and give up on “Dry January” (no alcohol in January) a day early. Could you have resisted the temptation if you were in my shoes?!?

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