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Video analysis at Loretto School

Last week, we were visiting different users of our video analysis solutions up in Scotland. One of those users was Loretto School (Edinburgh), and on Tuesday we delivered some of their new tools to Director of Hockey, Neil Allan. We previously met Neil when Loretto started exploring different filming solutions and they came to see the different IP Camera setups at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where there are multiple fixed IP Cameras and our mobile tripods being used for a variety of sports.

Neil is also Assistant Coach to the Scotland Hockey U21 Men’s team, so has experience of using the Nacsport video analysis software. After seeing what is possible with our AP Capture solutions and how they can work seamlessly with Nacsport, we are delighted to say that we can count on Loretto School as new users of our 4K AP Capture Mobile Tripod solution, Nacsport software and AP Wireless.

AP Capture and AP Wireless at Loretto SchoolNeil Allan with his Nacsport Licence

Check out this video to hear what Neil Allan has to say about how the new tools will be used!

To carry out live analysis on the high quality footage coming from the IP Camera, which sits at 6 metres high when on the Mobile Tripod, Loretto have also got a Nacsport Scout Plus and Nacsport Basic Plus licence. The analysis can either be carried out on the footage captured into AP Capture, or the computers with Nacsport can dial into the live IP Camera feed and do a secondary capture and live analysis.

This is where the AP Wireless solution really comes in handy, as it gives them a long range “cloud” that their wireless devices (phones, tablets, computers) can connect to for reviewing a live stream of a Nacsport dashboard. AP Wireless can also enable Loretto to set up their mobile tripod, then wirelessly capture and control the camera away from the tripod on their AP Capture laptop.

Wireless capture and analysis with AP Capture and Nacsport

We would like to say thanks to Neil Allan for his video testimonial and also Loretto School for choosing our different video analysis solutions.

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