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Video Analysis in BUCS Water Polo

In this previous blog post, you will see more information about Performance Advantage Ltd, who use the Nacsport video analysis softwareMyTPE and MyTPA platforms to help deliver their fantastic performance analysis services. We have kindly been shared this blog by Phil Dicks of Performance Advantage Ltd about their work with Durham University during the BUCS finals. Thanks Phil and George for sharing this content and pictures and of course, well done (spoiler alert) to the Durham University Water Polo teams!

The recent British Universities and Colleges (BUCS) Final in Sheffield saw some close encounters, and no other contests were decided by smaller margins than in the Water Polo.

Durham University’s teams competed in the Men’s and Women’s final, and both were delighted with their results. The Men were victorious against Edinburgh, winning 10-9, and the Women were defeated 9-8 by Sheffield Hallam. For both teams, their use of Nacsport and My Team Performance Analyser (MyTPA) were instrumental in their success:

Having benefitted from Performance Analysis support for the first time this year, both Men’s and Women’s teams were keen to have their Super 8s games recorded and analysed, so Phil and George from Performance Advantage came with us to Sheffield the week before the finals. They used their Nacsport Elite software to register each game against KPIs we had previously established, and shared the video footage and analysis with us on MyTPA.

Arthur Thomson, Durham University Water Polo Club Captain

As the Super 8s were held over the course of two days, the analysis from day one was uploaded to MyTPA as soon as the event had finished. It was used to inform the team about potential changes to their game plan on day two. This process was aided by the fact that we also analysed their prospective opponents, and made that available to the players to view. By analysing day two, and making the whole weekends fixtures available to view, the team were best prepared for the semi-finals and finals on #BigBUCSWednesday.

We were not only able to review our own Super 8s footage on the MyTPA online platform, we were able to study our prospective semi-final and final opponents. Between us, both teams spent nearly 12 hours online between the Super 8s and the Finals Day and it paid off. The Men were able to get over the line against Edinburgh in the final; and the Women, by beating Edinburgh in the semi-final (who had beaten Durham in both their North Group fixtures), the Women reached the final where they were pipped at the post by Sheffield Hallam.

Arthur Thomson, Durham University Water Polo Club Captain

Over the course of the weekend, we also trialled some of the other features of Nacsport Elite and Nacsport Tag&Go (Nacsport’s iPad-based analysis app). This now gives us the opportunity to evaluate how we will progress next year to ensure that the teams finish as Dual National Champions.

The insight that we were afforded by the Performance Analysis was undoubtedly beneficial to both teams and, having already started to explore the potential of the support, we are really excited about next year already.

Arthur Thomson, Durham University Water Polo Club Captain

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