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Welsh Netball Video Analysis Workflows

Today we would like to share some insight to how our different video analysis solutions are used by the Welsh Netball team, of who we are a proud partner of. Welsh Netball have a close link with the Centre for Performance Analysis (CPA) at Cardiff Metropolitan University, as Performance Analysis students from there (Sam Marshall and Alessandro Foglino for example) are well integrated into the team to provide them with video analysis services.

The team uses our tools as part of a complete synergetic workflow, so below you will see the thoughts and feedback from the coaching staff and players about the use of Nacsport, MyTPE and AP Viewer within the team and particularly how they were used at the 2015 Netball World Cup in Australia. I have also shared some pictures of tweets shared by Sam Marshall showing Nacsport in use during the 2015 World Cup.

During the Netball World Cup in Australia 2015, Wales used Nacsport to prepare before and post games, and we used the AP Viewer iPad app to review footage and enhance our performance.  We use MyTPE as a communication tool between players, coaches and the support team. This became our one stop resource for all team communication and pre/post game reflections and feedback.

Trish Wilcox (Head of Elite Performance)

MyTPE provides an ideal platform for the coaching and sport science team to collate a large amount of information in one convenient place for the players.  Each player has individual folders for strength & conditioning, video analysis, physiotherapy, nutrition, and psychology. This allows an ongoing dialogue between players and support staff away from training and match days. The site is also available across a number of different platforms (phones, tablets, laptops etc.), which is particularly important for the players when travelling. Instrumental to the effectiveness of MyTPE is the support provided by AnalysisPro Ltd. A number of the key features of MyTPE have been modified based on feedback from players and coaches. The result is a bespoke platform that caters for our needs.

Tom Williams (Psychologist)

MyTPE is an invaluable source providing an all-encompassing tool for a variety of our team needs. It has strengthened the lines of communication between players, coaching and management staff. It allows us to access video analysis clips at all times of the day with an interactive element for discussion with our coach. Overall I feel it’s use has enhanced our performance both on and off the court.

Kelly Morgan (Player)

Thanks to all at Welsh Netball for providing this feedback and for using our tools for their performance analysis workflows. Thanks also to Sam and Alessandro for sharing your experiences and photos of working with the team. All the best for 2016!

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