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This week Josh released two new workflow videos onto the AnalysisForAll YouTube channel. These videos are aimed at highlighting some of the benefits of performance analysis by providing some example workflows to show how easily they can be done to get some great feedback resources from them. Firstly, there was the Stats Output Workflow.

This video showed how combining a simple template created in Nacsport Basic Plus with an output from Nacsport and some Excel formulas can easily give you a nice dashboard output to look at to review key statistics and performance indicators alongside your video resources. The template, template instructions and stats output sheet were also made available for people to request for a free download along with a trial of Nacsport so they can utilise this workflow themselves. (If you want to see for yourself, just contact us!). The second video looked at some workflows using just some of the unique and powerful features available in Nacsport Elite. The example workflow was firstly presented to UWIC students by Josh back in October to give them some ideas on how they could best use their access to the Nacsport software.

The graphic descriptor tool shown in this video is still a feature which people love straight away and gets them thinking about different ways they can use it. In the next week or two, we should release a video showing some of these specific example workflows and the benefits of the graphic descriptor tool, a key component in a very big project happening in the background with Nacsport and AnalysisPro Ltd.

Final adjustments and tests look to be sorted now for AP Capture and the whole IP Camera/Telescopic Tripod solution, with finalised pricings being written up this week too. We are really excited to start getting these solutions out into the field and into the hands of the many interested parties who want to take their filming to the next level. So keep your eyes and ears alert for further news, pics and videos!

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