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Workshop Day with Scottish Rugby Union

The Scottish Rugby Union are users of Nacsport with different versions of the software being used at different levels in the organisation. This week, we travelled up to Murrayfield to catch up with the country’s analysis team again and also provide a presentation and workshop day to other analysts and coaches who attended. We started off by explaining what we do at AnalysisPro Ltd, our background and our overall aims for providing analysis opportunities to all levels of participation and performance in sport. We then gave an overview on our products like Team Performance Exchange, AP Viewer, AP Capture and the IP Camera solution and then spent a lot of time going through the different features available throughout the product range of Nacsport. Josh presented some example workflows on the Basic Plus version of the software and took the chance to further explain the different features and how they work. This was followed by a demonstration of the Elite level software, where tools such as the graphic descriptor, search tool, audio notes during live analysis and auto presentation tools were greatly received thanks to the ease of use, powerful benefits and time saving nature of them all. One thing which really impressed was when we set up a live capture on Nacsport which was dialling into the IP Camera being controlled by Jon on another machine through AP Capture (Jon was also simultaneously capturing that video file into both .mov and .asf formats whilst controlling the camera with the joystick). With the live capture running, Josh then showed using the pitch graphic tool, adding audio/text notes, reviewing a matrix live and of course the other functions in the category template such as the activation links. Whilst the capture and registering was still occurring, Josh then double clicked on a registered event to show the live review feature, where the guys were able to see how even though the live video was still being captured, a previously recorded event could now be replayed, edited and paused to add a picture onto a freeze frame and save out. A really powerful and high end process which Josh will be looking to present in an upcoming Workflow Series video on the YouTube channel.

Some fantastic news to finish a long week off was an agreement being met between ourselves and the Mardyke Arena UCC team. You may have seen in previous news posts that we visited the guys in Ireland to show what we can provide and met them again at Cardiff Metropolitan University for another catch up and exposure to the CPA processes. The Mardyke Arena have now began to use their Multiple Teams 100GB site licence of Team Performance Exchange for supporting the many teams they provide an analysis service too. Along with Team Performance Exchange, Mardyke have purchased AP Viewer and also two of our ready to release mobile IP Camera solutions. The arena have also chosen to have the wireless solution for both of these tripods so that they can set them up out on a pitch, then control and capture the video footage from inside (something the cameraman will be very happy about!). We are really looking forward to travelling out to Ireland in the new year to deliver further training to the team and get them set up with their new filming solutions!

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