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WRU renew MyTPE and AP Viewer

To end this week, we would like to say thanks to Rhys Long (National Head of Performance Analysis) and the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) for continuing to renew two of the video analysis solutions we provide them with, MyTPE and AP Viewer.


The WRU started using the MyTPE (My Team Performance Exchange) online athlete management and file sharing solution back in 2012, so we’re really pleased that they have renewed this solution to run for another year again. They use a MyTPE platform solution, which enables Rhys and other “Digital Managers” to log in to the Platform site and monitor all the activity that is happening in the individual sites that sit underneath this. In our previous blog posts, you will have also seen that the senior teams of Cardiff Blues (blog) and Newport Gwent Dragons (blog) have chosen to use the MyTPE solution too. Cardiff Blues have also recently got a new site for their U18 team too which we would like to say thanks to them for! We’re really pleased with how MyTPE is expanding and continuing to be used within the WRU.

So, with the WRU MyTPE platform solution, there are 12 teams with individual sites including the Women’s team, Sevens team, Regional Academies, U18s, U20s and then two teams which are not directly linked to playing performance. These two are used for helping to deliver and monitor coaches on the Level 4 coaching course, along with the Referee Communication Forum site which has 500 referees all viewing videos of referee decisions to comment around them, confirm understanding and debate about decisions. The Coach Education and Referee Communication Forum sites are great examples of how MyTPE is not just about supporting and enhancing playing performance, as it can be used to help support the wider facets of a sport thanks to the file sharing, communication and data gathering tools which are available.

Marc Kinnaird (National Academy Analyst) is heavily involved with helping to run and facilitate the use of the MyTPE throughout these different teams and has kindly provided some words about how the sites are used and how they benefit from them:

MyTPE gives all our different departments a central point for their coaches, players and members of staff to connect and interact with each other on a user-friendly platform. Our age group teams have very “closed” sites for the coaches and players to interact and share information within, but we also have a site for our referees in Wales, which is much more of an “open” national site. The site has 500 users in it, and gives us a central location for easily sharing the latest best practices and information to our referees.

The biggest benefit for our players is that they have an easy review process to use for bettering themselves. Josh Bryan from AnalysisPro is always at the end of the phone if we ever need any support or guidance on how best to use the different tools available within a MyTPE site.

AP Viewer

Rhys Long first used our AP Viewer iPad review app with the WRU during the 2013 Six Nations Tournament (which they won), before chooseing to use AP Viewer with the coaches and players of the 2013 British and Irish Lions tour, which he was again appointed as Head Analyst for. Rhys has recently renewed the WRU’s AP Viewer contract for another year, along with working with us to develop a new version of the app and computerised AP Packager software, which enables him to share footage and timelines to his team’s AP Viewer apps with an online process. We’re looking forward to telling you more about this new update soon so stay tuned!

So, we would like to say a big thanks to Rhys and the WRU for continuing to use both AP Viewer and MyTPE to assist and support multiple teams within the WRU, from the 1st XV down to the Academies, Referees and Coach Educators.

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