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Teams benefit from being able to use performance analysis review wherever they are, whenever they want. By using a portable tool like an iPad, you can make this easy for players and coaches, without the need for an internet connection.

We developed the AP Viewer app back in 2013, where it was used by the WRU in their Championship winning Six Nations tournament and the 2013 British and Irish Lions tour as an easy way for players to review their video analysis at any time. It continues to be used by international and professional teams, particularly in Football.

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AP Viewer Multiple Angle Review and Drawing

Easy Playback

AP Viewer links your timeline and matrix data from your analysis software with up to 4 video angles, for easy playback and detailed review of every action moment. Users have playback controls to play/pause, skip between clips, scrub back and forth and switch between angles to view. Whilst clips are playing, the Clip and Description information show at the top to give extra detail.

Each of your team’s AP Viewer devices are managed by AP Packager, so you can ensure that your content is always secure on your registered iPads and that their access can instantly be switched off. Your analysis package from Nacsport, SportsCode and other video and XML solutions are licenced with AP Packager then shared onto your iPads.

AP Viewer Matrix View

Find, Create & Draw

With your analysis package shared onto AP Viewer, users can scroll through a timeline and matrix to see the Clip and Description information from your software. Users can also create customised templates to add more Clips and Descriptions onto packages, before emailing an XML file out to be imported back into other iPads or analysis software.

Along with the playback controls, there are also drawing tools in AP Viewer. These are useful for sharing feedback and further detail with your team when you are reviewing actions. They are quick and easy to apply!

AP Viewer used by Leicester City FC

Trusted Solution

AP Viewer was first field tested by the WRU then used in their successful 2013 Six Nations campaign, before next being taken on the 2013 British and Irish Lions tour. Other users have included the Scottish Rugby Union, Munster Rugby and Cardiff Metropolitan University to mention a few.

In recent years, AP Viewer has been more popular in the football environment. Teams including the Danish FA, Hibernian FC, Stoke City and Leicester City. You can see more about how Leicester City use AP Viewer in this blog post, including footage from a BBC behind the scenes video!

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