My Team Performance (MyTP)

Communication and management are the keys to success within a team. The easier you can get your messages across, organise your team and gather information from everybody, the better chance you have of increasing understanding and ultimately performance. MyTP is an online platform and app developed for athlete management, communication, sharing and online performance analysis.

The Exchange modules provide a complete team management, sharing and communication platform. The Analyser modules provide comprehensive online video analysis tools that can also integrate with other performance analysis software.

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Manage, Share, Communicate

MyTP is the best tool for organising your team and club. Add the users you want and put them into teams and groups for faster sharing and information gathering, in a secure online platform that can be accessed from any device. Users can view and download the files you share with them, then comment with each other to increase understanding. Admin users can see who has viewed these files and when too! MyTP also has a calendar, messages and notifications to better organise and communicate with your team. Information can be gathered and displayed through questionnaires, portfolios and reports. It really is a one-stop platform for your team information sharing!

Online Performance Analysis

MyTP takes your video analysis processes online (watch here). Upload your video to create a project, use personalised templates to analyse your game then review everything with a timeline. You then add selected clips into playlists, with added notes to better share your message. You can use MyTP as an Analyst or a Viewer user. Viewer users can review your timeline and playlists, along with creating their own playlists on the projects you give them access to. A great way to empower your players! If you have a team of Analysts, you can share storage space and assign projects to Analysts to complete. Together, everyone achieves more.


Playlists created in MyTP can be shared as a video file on the platform, so users in your teams can view and comment around them too. Timeline playlist clips in MyTP can also be downloaded as video files onto your computer too. MyTP is a timeline-based analysis platform, so it can integrate with other software through XML files. Your MyTP analysis can be exported and imported into tools like Nacsport, with XML files from computerised software being able to be imported into MyTP projects too. The synergy between your offline and online solutions is really important!

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