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Nacsport Tag&Go

Tag&go is an iPad and iPhone app which allows you to analyse your activities away from a computer and in any environment. By importing or creating personalised templates within the app, you can analyse your activity and later link up the data with a video on your timeline-based software to review all the instances you analysed through Tag&go.

With this app, you are using the same process as you would do with video analysis software. The key difference however is that the activity or video you are analysing is not on the iPad. So this means you have more space for a template and that you can register actions with a few simple taps!

The buttons on your template can either be Categories (create video clips) or Descriptors (add extra information). You can completely customise your Category buttons with PRE and POST times or MANUAL MODE, so that creating clips of specific lengths is quick and easy. Activation and Deactivation links can also be used to speed up your analysis! 

Descriptors add extra information to your Category clips and you can also set these so that they automatically add into each Category clip you create. This gives your template a huge amount of power and variety to ensure that you are gathering the data you need and registering clips of the perfect length for your review processes. You can quickly change the colour, size and positioning of your buttons along with how your text will appear by just using your fingertips! 

When analysing an activity, you just set the timer running and let the app know when it is half time and full time for example. In between that, all you need to do is tap on your buttons when you see the action happening, simple! At the end of your analysis, you will have created a database file which you can review on the Databases section of the app. This will show you the times of your Categories and the Descriptors which appear.

Now all you have to do is share this information to the product you are using to review your video with a timeline and matrix. You can either email the .nac database file which will load up in Nacsport and Codimg software, or email the XML file which will open with the majority of other timeline-based software. If you connect your iPad to your computer, you can also transfer these files through iTunes when you don't have an internet connection.

It really is a simple process for analysing activities whenever and wherever you are so that you can later link the information with a video and review all your instances.


Tag&go is free to download from the app store on your iPhone or iPad, so why don't you download it and start working with it straight away!

With the free app, you can create templates and analyse any activity you want. When it comes to reviewing your database after finishing the analysis, you can see all the actions but can only export/email information of the first 15 registered categories as a .nac or XML file. When you have a full licence, you will be able to export all of the information from your database and will also have the ability to share templates to/from the Nacsport software on your computer, so you can continue to use the templates you have already established!

Tag&go has an initial purchase price for a full licence and then an annual renewal cost attached. If you are an existing Nacsport user or are looking to purchase Nacsport, you will benefit from a reduced price for both the purchase and renewal. When you purchase a Tag&go licence, you can use it on one iPad and one iPhone at the same time.


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