Sports GPS Tracking

With over 26,000 users in over 100 countries, the SPT sports GPS tracking system provides an overall view of physical output, from both a team and an individual perspective. Track key metrics including player load, speed, distance and positional heat-maps.

From injury prevention, training load and overall improvement, SPT’s sports GPS devices are the choice for players and teams who are dedicated to levelling up their performance.

The short video below will provide an overview of how the SPT sports GPS units can help you.

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Train and Play Smarter

Use the performance data recorded by SPT to make more intelligent training decisions. In utilising the data, player improve performance, recover faster & reduce injuries. Coaches can build and maintain fit, fatigue resistant, robust and resilient athletes. By better understanding and monitoring the demands of training and competition, coaches can examine trends such as identifying periods of most intense play and detecting fatigue. This type of information can inform game strategies and conditioning to prepare players for various demands.

A Game Changing System

With powerful metrics usually interpreted by highly qualified sports scientists, the cloud-based SPT analysis software, GameTraka, presents these metrics in a simple, user-friendly interface. The software is constantly evolving and the SPT team are knowledgeable, proactive and always developing new ways to improve the platform. Being cloud-based, coaches and players are able to have in-depth analysis reports of their performance regardless of their location. Providing an all-inclusive platform, gain access to the SPT GPS device, software and full customer support with no ongoing fees or subscription requirements.

Real-Time Data and Video Integration

The GameTraka Application available on mobile or tablet, seamlessly integrates with the SPT GPS device, allowing you to view your performance right in the palm of your hand. Managers can share data reports with their players and provide feedback so their players know exactly what to work on in the next training session as soon as they arrive. During activity, users can make real-time decisions based on the GPS results delivered instantly from the SPT GPS to their device via Bluetooth. GameTraka also creates an XML file which can be used to integrate with video analysis software platforms such as Nacsport to create a fully complementary analysis package.

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