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Team Performance Analyser

Team Performance Analyser (MyTPA) is a powerful online video analysis tool that can be used on any modern device and browser. This means that you can always access your analysis from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. 

After reading below, if you want any more information on MyTPA or would like to try a demo, please feel free to Contact Us.


To learn what MyTPA is all about, you only have to watch this short video!


If you already have an existing video analysis process with a timeline based software, MyTPA can further enhance your workflows and work with the data you have created through the universal XML file type. This means that you can upload your timeline data from another video analysis software to view that online with MyTPA, or export an XML from MyTPA so you can view the online analysis in that system.


Let's look in more detail at the different processes involved in MyTPA.


Uploading movies

Upload your own mp4 movies to MyTPA by dragging them to the MyTPA upload window.

Not sure how to create mp4 movies? We show you different processes within the library of Help FAQs and Tutorial Videos on MyTPA.


Managing projects

Use the MyTPA managing module to manage your projects and playlists, upload/export XML files, then share your work with other MyTPA users. Why work alone when you can do things together?


Highlight schemes

No one knows better what to look for than you! So you can create your own highlight schemes to work with. Choose names, colours, run times, and hotkeys for your highlight buttons and start highlighting your projects right away.

Once you have created a highlight scheme, you can share your work with other MyTPA users.



Start highlighting your uploaded movies with your personalised highlight schemes by selecting a project from the list. It really is that simple!

Once you have selected a project, you can choose the highlight scheme that you want to use.

After highlighting your project you can:

  • View the highlights in the timeline
  • Edit the highlights in the timeline
  • Create playlists from the highlights and attach notes
  • Share playlists to MyTPE
  • View a simple report of the highlights

Share to MyTPE

MyTPA works 1 on 1 with your MyTPE accounts and allows you to share your playlists from MyTPA to MyTPE with 1 click. All you have to do is create a playlist, then select the team, group or users to send it to.

You can even add notes onto the movie that shows up on the movie they watch!



MyTPA allows you to share any project or highlight scheme with any other user on MyTPA. Simply fill in their e-mail address, then the other user can work on your project or use your highlight scheme. Working together has never been this easy!



MyTPA Viewers are users linked to your account who can view a read-only version of your project(s). Every MyTPA account comes with 1 free Viewer but of course you can get more if you want!


Please use these links to access more information:

My Team Performance Website

Contact for pricing