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Team Performance Exchange

Team Performance Exchange (MyTPE) is an online athlete management system built around the sharing of files in a secure environment so that team members can login to their own personalised website, view/download these files and then comment around them to encourage communication and development away from direct contact. Built around this central functionality are a variety of tools which teams can use to track member involvement and development, along with recording and easily viewing a variety of personalised team data. Communication tools also allow you to organise a team with messages, notifications and a powerful calendar.



Below this summary of features, please watch the video which will show and explain these in more detail.


  • Individual login for each user to your secure site
  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or phone
  • Upload files and determine who has access to them (videos and pictures can be streamed online)
  • Comment around files to encourage feedback and discussion
  • Send out emails to all of your users
  • Ensure nobody misses content or discussions with the notification system
  • Add team appointments onto each users' personal calendar
  • Create questionnaires for your members to answer
  • Gather and plot data which is associated to each individual's profile
  • Create dashboard items to easily monitor and find key information on your site
  • Check the activity and data of each of your team members
  • Build custom reports that automatically update with each individual's data from the site



Site Solutions

A standard Team Performance Exchange (MyTPE) site will give you a site with space for 50 users and 5GB of storage to use for uploading files. You can always purchase additional space for users and files but this standard setup is perfect for most single teams or organisations. With each MyTPE site, we provide a Digital Manager's Support contract which gives you access to tutorial videos and 24/7 online and telephone support from ourselves to ensure you are getting the most out of your site.

With organisations who have multiple teams, we offer a site licence of 10 teams. Within these 10 teams, there is a "Digital Platform" site which sits above the other 9 and can monitor and control the content on them. This solution is popular with the Welsh Rugby Union, Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) and Millfield School as it allows them to have individual sites for their different age groups and sports teams/clubs which can be easily monitored from the Digital Platform.

The largest solution we provide is utilised by Mardyke Arena (University College Cork). The Arena provide a performance analysis service to many different sports clubs and teams, so when we introduced them to MyTPE, they instantly saw the benefit it would give them when sharing the feedback resources they create for each team. Mardyke Arena have our top end 100GB solution which gives them a Digital Platform and then storage space to use for creating multiple teams of at least 2GB which are all separate but sit underneath this "Master Site".


For more information and to request a demo site to trial, please use our Contact page. You can also see more information about the My Team Performance solutions with the link below.

My Team Performance Website

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