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Video Analysis Software


The established video analysis processes which are used in professional sport are not necessarily sport specific. The main aim of video analysis is to create resources which objectively display key information and facts about an activity that can be used to support and enhance the feedback process. We have therefore seen an increase in demand for video analysis software and processes which can be used in non-sport settings like medical, educational, instructional and industry based institutes for example.

With the key principles and aims of video analysis in mind, our non-sport range of video analysis software is aimed at giving you the opportunity to provide more objective feedback and evidence for better informed decisions and reviews.


Codimg provides users with an affordable and accessible software aimed at improving performance through video analysis processes within any field which requires it.... View Product

Codimg Review

Codimg Review is a PC based software which is great for reviewing timeline and matrix data in a read-only format. This version works powerfully with... View Product

Team Performance Analyser

Team Performance Analyser (MyTPA) is a powerful online video analysis tool that can be used on any modern device and browser. This means that you... View Product