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Video Analysis Software


Video analysis in professional sport has become common place as it allows teams to better understand the performances of themselves and their opposition. It is not sport specific as it is all based on similar processes and workflows to achieve an end goal that will help your team to improve. Previously, this has been limited to the professional teams due to cost implications and lack of training or understanding. With our video analysis software product line, we are able to provide affordable and scalable solutions that will allow you to mirror the processes carried out at the elite level and ensure you get the most out of these with the training and advice we can provide.

There are already a wide range of elite level teams from different sports using these products, so you can be assured that these are trusted products which allow professional workflows to be carried out thanks to their synergetic, scalable and powerful features.


Nacsport offer a variety of timeline based video analysis software that run on the Windows platform, to provide you with an affordable and powerful... View Product

Nacsport Viewer

Nacsport Viewer is a PC based software which is great for reviewing timeline and matrix data in a read-only format. This version... View Product

Team Performance Analyser

Team Performance Analyser (MyTPA) is a powerful online video analysis tool that can be used on any modern device and browser. This means that you... View Product

Nacsport Tag&Go

Tag&go is an iPad and iPhone app which allows you to analyse your activities away from a computer and in any environment.... View Product