AP Multifeed Video Capture Box – SDI and HDMI to RTSP

Professional sports teams are often provided with multiple video feeds for their games, often from broadcasters and their TV Trucks. SDI cables carry these video feeds around the stadium and video analysts have many different ways of recording and capturing these feeds into their video analysis software, like Nacsport and Hudl Sportscode. By converting SDI or HDMI video feeds into RTSP, analysts can manage their capture and sharing processes more easily.

With the AP Multifeed Video Capture box, we provide a solution that is trusted by professional teams such as England Rugby (RFU), Exeter Chiefs, Gloucester Rugby, Leicester City FC, Wasps Rugby, Sale Sharks and many more. These teams and their analysts use the AP Multifeed box for capturing up to four video feeds at the same time, especially when capturing video in stadiums.

We have a powerful encoder configured inside the box, along with the option to connect HDMI video feeds rather than just SDI feeds, which opens up more capture processes for teams (not all games are televised!). On the outside of the box, there are ports for the power cable, ethernet cable and the SDI feeds (both an input and additional output loop to further expand the potential setups too).

You can quickly connect up to four SDI (or HDMI) video feeds to the box and it will convert these into four separate RTSP feeds at 1080p, so you can capture them into your video analysis software.

To see the price of this solution, more information and some videos of it in action, please fill in this form to get immediate access to the downloadable flyer.

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