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At AnalysisPro, we exist to educate and enhance the performance analysis workflows utilised at the elite levels of competition, whilst empowering coaches and analysts from the grassroots levels up to replicate these effectively. We have the tools you need to Shoot, Analyse and Share; with IP Cameras, computerised software, tablet apps, online platforms, and also GPS systems.

On this page, you can learn more about the online sports performance analysis course we have created in conjunction with Lear Training, along with further online video analysis courses provided by Nacsport and KlipDraw.

Course Purpose

Performance Analysis is a specialist discipline aimed at modelling and measuring performance across all areas of activity. A discipline based on the development of a systematic, competitive intelligence process to quantify and enhance performance.

This online sports performance analysis course is not meant to be the authoritative manual on performance analysis, but provide you with the knowledge and skills to develop a performance analysis process into your coaching. The content is a work based structure, with all assignment activities and assessments mimicking the challenges and types of activities undertaken in the real world role of a sports performance analyst. You will be required to monitor teams and individuals and analyse performance before presenting your results.

The curriculum will enable you to create a relevant model to measure the demands of your sport, set realistic standards and targets to provide an evidence-based roadmap towards performance improvement.


“Very informative and enjoyable course, look forward to completing it and then working towards the level 5”

Josh Parr. Performance Analyst, Wigan Warriors & Scotland International RFL


Mike Phelan UCFB


Who is it for?

Our Applied Performance Analysis Techniques in Sports Coaching course is designed for individuals seeking to develop knowledge across the continually growing components of Sports Performance Analysis. Within the past decade, there has been a marked growth in sports performance analysis. This course is aimed at coaches, conditioning professionals, physical education teachers etc. looking to introduce these practices into their coaching process. The course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and a vast range of resources to utilise in the field.


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What will you get?

You will get lifetime access to interactive lectures where we will reinforce the theory and demonstrate applied principles and techniques for field-based practice, along with a wide range of research and additional theoretical underpinning knowledge.

You will receive copies of some current in use resources and while you may never use them in the current format, the course combined with your own experience will give you the skills and confidence to make effective changes to meet your coaching and athlete’s specific needs.

You will be challenged to complete a range of case study performance analysis assignments to demonstrate proficiency in your new skills.


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What will the course cover?

  • Introduction to Performance Analysis

  • Hand notation, video technology and wearables.

  • Measure of Success

  • KPI’s – From Aspirations to Setting Realistic Targets and Standards

  • Principles of Sport in Context of Performance Analysis

  • Practical Video Analysis using Nacsport Software

  • Applied Technical (Skill) Analysis

  • Tools for Biomechanical Analysis

  • Research, Evidence-Based Practice

  • Applied Tactical Analysis

  • Synergetic Process Design to Understand ‘Whole’ Performance

  • Physiology, Training Loads and Analysis

  • Relationships between performance, training loads and injuries on a budget

  • Wearable technology – an insight to advanced data sets

  • Basic Excel Skills to create data models

Online Performance Analysis Course

Course content and assignments are mapped to BTEC Unit 19 – Analysis of Sport Performance and Cambridge Technical Level 3 Sport And Physical Activity Unit 5 – Performance analysis in sport and exercise. Course content also maps to units in biomechanics, fitness testing and profiling.

In order to gain the full Endorsed Certificate, students must successfully complete all assignments on the course. There are 5 deadline dates throughout the year to submit your assignments for summative assessment.


Click the button and send a question or a blank email to receive more information and register your interest (learning@analysispro.com).

You can also jump straight to the online course below too!


Additional Online Video Analysis Courses

There is a range of further online video analysis courses available, specifically for gaining certification in the Nacsport video analysis software and KlipDraw Animate telestration software.

Nacsport Courses

The Nacsport courses are designed around specific sports, with different levels (Starter, Intermediate, Advanced) and sports being created all the time!

If you’re new to the world of video analysis or taking your first steps into the discipline, these practical courses are exactly what you need. They are a straightforward program of lessons and exercises, introducing students to the principals of analysis, the Nacsport software and the tools required to conduct impactful analysis.

With the online Nacsport course, you will learn how to use Nacsport to create accurate and insightful analytical reports. The courses use videos, quizzes, short tasks, and dynamic activities to make learning simple and entertaining.

Enrolment on this 3-week course includes a FREE 3-month Nacsport license and upon completion, every student receives an official certificate as long as the course is passed with a minimum score of 60%.

KlipDraw Animate Course

KlipDraw Animate is the perfect tool to start in the world of video analysis. Easily edit your videos by adding drawings, transitions, and animations to spotlight your messages in a more effective and visual way.

This online course delves deeply into how to use every single tool and option available in KlipDraw, so you will be able to make the most out of this powerful software to improve your team performance and sports analysis videos!

The intensive online course lasts for 14 days, and students will receive a FREE 3-month KlipDraw Animate licence to start the course, along with an official KlipDraw certification for successfully completing the course.

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