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Learn about the online sports performance analysis course we have created in conjunction with Lear Training, along with further online video analysis courses provided by Nacsport and KlipDraw.

Unlock the power of performance analysis with a sports specific Nacsport course! Start your journey into the world of video analysis and learn how to create precise, insightful analysis that drives results. Nacsport online courses are designed to make learning simple and enjoyable, incorporating videos, questionnaires, assignments, and interactive activities.

Whether you're new to video analysis or looking to deepen your understanding, Nacsport's practical courses provide the perfect foundation. Covering analysis principles, Nacsport software usage, and essential tools, the course guides you through a structured curriculum that equips you for impactful analysis.

Register today for a 3-week online course and receive a complimentary 3-month Nacsport Basic+ licence. Plus, upon successful completion, you'll earn an official certificate, validating your expertise in performance analysis with Nacsport.


Online courses for beginners

"Very pleased to pass the Nacsport Starter course in Field Hockey video analysis. It's been great to have a goal for the last 3 weeks. A great challenge that left me pleased with work I was able to produce - Excited to explore the software more"

Jessica Wenlock
Field Hockey Starter Course

Gaelic Games 



Field Hockey


Ice Hockey

Enhance feedback and understanding


If you are a coach wanting to use performance analysis to enhance the feedback and understanding in your team, or if you're wanting to be the analyst for a team, then this online course is for you!

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to develop a performance analysis process into your coaching. The content is a work based structure, with all assignment activities and assessments mimicking the challenges and types of activities undertaken in the real world role of a sports performance analyst. You will be required to monitor teams and individuals and analyse performance before presenting your results. The course is fully online and can be undertaken in your own country. 

Master telestration


KlipDraw products are the perfect tools for getting started in the world of video analysis and video telestration. Illustrations, animations and automated tracking on your videos highlight the action in an effective, visual manner.

The online KlipDraw courses delve deeply into how to use every single tool and option available in KlipDraw, so you will be able to make the most out of this powerful software to improve your team performance and sports analysis videos!

The intensive online course lasts for 14 days, and students will receive a FREE 3-month KlipDraw licence to start the course, along with an official KlipDraw certification for successfully completing the course.

KlipDraw video analysis software used for online performance analysis course



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