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We are proud to be trusted resellers of the Nacsport video analysis software, providing you with cutting-edge tools to optimise performance, enhance team communication, save time, and offer flexible solutions tailored to your team.

Get ready to revolutionise your sports analysis process.

Trusted by aspiring teams all over the UK & Ireland

Nacsport powers performance analysis workflows throughout the world, from amateur coaches to elites teams competing at the highest level.

Nacsport Overview

Unlock the full potential of your team with the Nacsport video analysis software. Tailored to teams of all levels, Nacsport offers a comprehensive solution to maximise performance while saving you valuable time. With fully customisable tagging windows, you can easily review videos and gather essential insights to make data-driven decisions that elevate your team's performance on the field.

It's compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, ensuring seamless integration with your team's preferred technology. Affordable pricing options make Nacsport accessible to teams of all levels, making sure that you can benefit from its game-changing features without breaking the bank. 

Professional Performance

Nacsport provides fully customisable tagging windows to meet any requirement, allowing you to gather crucial information from your videos. Uncover valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to enhance performance on the field.

Software Flexibility

Nacsport is available on both Mac and PC platforms, ensuring compatibility with your preferred operating system. Choose between a lifetime licence for long-term access or an annual subscription based on your requirements.

Save Valuable Time

​Nacsport enables you to swiftly tag videos in real-time or post-match, minimising time-consuming manual tasks. Focus on what truly matters – analysing key moments, identifying patterns, and extracting actionable insights.

Team Collaboration

With the Nacsport Hub app, effortlessly collaborate online, enabling seamless communication and fostering a deeper understanding of game strategies, player performance, and overall team dynamics.

  • Analyse live or post event: Capture, review and share video and information live to impact the game or work with video files post event, to get a deeper understanding of your performance.

  • Fully Customisable: Code anything and everything you need with fully customisable tagging windows. Create clips and add additional data, notes and XY field position data for a comprehensive analysis.

  • Save Valuable Time: Speed up clipping and data collection with Nacsport. Make use of clustered buttons, panel flows, links and automations to turn one click into multiple outputs.


Collect Data

"AnalysisPro elevated our video analysis workflows, allowed us to create better outputs for the team and saved us time too."

Greg Mathieson - Head of Opposition Analysis
Liverpool FC

  • Online sharing: Share your videos, analysis and presentations to Nacsport Hub so your whole team can review, interact and collaborate with your feedback through the online platform and app.

  • Paint a clear picture: Enhance your presentations with KlipDraw telestrations on your videos, overlaid notes and supporting images to make your feedback clearer.

  • Collaborate: Work with other analysts and coaches by sharing and importing analysis and presentations between Nacsport systems, and make use of the wider integrations Nacsport has with other analysis software and platforms.


Sharing Data

"The workflows in our performance analysis setup have definitely been enhanced and I always look forward to further innovation with them. Recommend highly to anyone in this field."

Jem Akpinar - Head of Performance Analysis
Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby