AP Scoreboard App

The AP Scoreboard app is provided for free to users with the AP Capture live streaming plugin. Setting up a live stream to YouTube or Facebook for your single or multiple IP Cameras in the AP Capture software is easy to do.

AP Capture can also stream to other services and platforms, like InPlayer for example. We started a partnership with InPlayer in 2019, so if you are looking to take your live streaming to the next level when using the AP Capture solutions, we can assist with getting you started with benefiting from monetisation and enhanced live streaming embeds. Check out this post with some practical examples to explore for using AP Capture, AP Scoreboard and InPlayer together for the best live streaming experience.

Whilst you are capturing and controlling your IP Cameras through AP Capture, you can use AP Scoreboard on your tablet to add a live score over your video stream. There are different scoreboard templates available as you will see below. To start using the app with your AP Capture live stream, you simply scan the QR code in the app, and everything links up seamlessly!

We have also made it easy to have images intermittently showing over your live stream (just below the AP Scoreboard display), which is the perfect solution for sharing your sponsor’s logos and generating a valuable revenue stream alongside your high-quality filming and live streaming processes. Further to this, you can mix in pre-recorded videos to your live stream, which is great for showing highlights, promotional videos or sponsor’s content too!

Below is a sample of some of the scoreboards we have in the app for single score sports like Football/Soccer, then more specific scoring examples for sports like Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Squash, Basketball, Gaelic Games (GAA) and Curling.








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