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With AP Capture, we have designed an IP Camera specifically for performance analysis filming. It has an incredible level of functionality that allows students to master the art of professional filming for the purpose of analysis, preparing them for the world after education.


AP Capture has been meticulously developed from the ground up, specifically for manually filming sport for video analysis. Our professional cameras provide clear Full HD footage, ensuring exceptional quality for video analysis purposes. Seamlessly integrated with our advanced AP Capture software, these cameras boast super-smooth controls, empowering you to capture live footage for your video analysis needs and even streaming directly to YouTube.

Select from our range of versatile options, including the portable Sports Mast, fixed static cameras, or PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) cameras, suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors. 

AP Capture Sports Masts
Fixed Static IP Camera

Fixed Static Camera

Tailored for indoor sports such as Badminton, Squash, and Volleyball, where zooming and panning are unnecessary, these cameras are strategically positioned to capture every crucial moment. With a fixed angle, they provide a wide perspective, ensuring you capture precisely what you need for your performance analysis.

Fixed PTZ IP Camera

Fixed PTZ Camera

Elevate your sports filming experience with our fixed PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) IP cameras, versatile enough to excel in both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether mounted to an existing structure or a dedicated mast, these cameras are engineered to deliver exceptional performance in any setting. Perfect for capturing fast-paced sports in all weather conditions, these cameras remain fixed yet dynamic, providing broadcast-quality results.

Portable Sports Mast

Portable PTZ Camera

Our Sports Mast offers ultimate flexibility.  Every granular detail has been considered to ensure an uncompromising filming experience. The one-person deployable mast elevates the camera up to 6m, providing a superior vantage point wherever you need. The integrated Peli case serves as a secure hub for your laptop and joystick, featuring all necessary cable ports. Inside, a flight-safe, long-life battery is seamlessly connected, ensuring a reliable and portable solution for your filming needs.



The AP Capture software is designed with a straightforward interface, ensuring you can teach and use it quickly and easily. Simply choose your preferred camera, select a sound device, and adjust capture quality as needed—it's that simple. You manually control the camera using our super smooth AP Joystick for complete control and flexibility. This intuitive process makes it a great solution to teach students how to film for different requirements, whether that be player analysis or live streaming an event.  When you finish the filming process, AP Capture saves a high-quality MP4 file directly onto your laptop with integrated audio.

AP Capture Software


Unlock the full potential of our professional IP Cameras and seamlessly broadcast your important games live to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook with minimal effort. With just a few clicks, you can share a high-quality stream featuring customised live scoreboards and team logos, ensuring a professional broadcast every time. AP Capture streamlines the entire process, enabling a single individual to manage multiple services effortlessly from a single laptop.

AP Capture Livestream

"The AP Capture Sports Mast is world class and simple to set up and use. It provides a great opportunity for myself and the rest of the sports coaching staff and students to produce high quality performance analysis and understand the true depths of what it takes to become a great sports coach."

Charlotte Nelson

Student Proctor and Technical Support for Sports Coaching

AnalysisPro have given our students a unique experience. The quality of AP Capture has given every student coach the opportunity to observe their own practice and that of their peers. The Nacsport software has allowed students to explore different coaching behaviours and different theoretical thinking tools that underpin the learning activities used.

Simon de Waal

University of Gloucestershire

"AnalysisPro have given our students a unique experience. The quality of AP Capture has given every student coach the opportunity to observe their own practice and that of their peers. "

Staff member

University of Coventry

"With a 6-metre elevation, analysts are provided with a fantastic vantage point from which to film and evaluate performance using the completely portable and self-powered solution."

Staff member

University of Essex

"The Arena has video analysis capabilities thanks to AnalysisPro and their AP Capture IP Camera solutions. Our setup includes four high-end 4K IP cameras, so performance can be recorded through AP Capture with a 360-degree viewing function. The footage can be live streamed through AP Capture and linked live into our video analysis software – Nacsport – which provides a perfect and user-friendly platform on which to breakdown and evaluate performance."

Staff member

University of Essex



Download a copy of our AP Capture brochure for further information.


Read some of our case studies to understand how other universities are taking full advantage of AP Capture.


Talk to one of our specialists to learn more about AP Capture. They will be able to answer your questions on placement, installation, setup and everything in between. 


We take pride in creating long term partnerships with our university clients. Consider us an essential component of your team, dedicated to seamlessly integrating our services into your sports performance program. Our support extends beyond the usual assistance, including tutorials, best practice workflows, and webinars designed to empower you in mastering our tools. Tailoring our support to your needs, we can facilitate training sessions and lectures to enhance your program. Count on our dedicated technical support department to ensure continuous operational efficiency, making certain you stay on track and running smoothly.

AP Capture training day
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