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Preparing to perform


More details about the Nacsport journey that Gloucester Rugby has been on since moving from Hudl Sportscode to Nacsport for the 2017/18 Premiership Rugby season can be seen in this blog.


Darren has also started a series of blogs on the Nacsport website, going into further detail about how and why he chose Nacsport. They are a fascinating read and outline the different steps in the decision making and implementation processes excellently!

Read part 1 here – ‘Evaluation, evolution’

Read part 2 here – ‘The leap isn’t that far’

Read part 3 here – ‘Once in a lifetime’


Read part 4 here – ‘Complex simplicity’

Read part 5 here – ‘The software works for you’

Read part 6 here – ‘Information into intelligence’

Read part 7 here –  ‘5 Pro Tips for maximising your video analysis software’

Read part 8 here – ‘Tips for evaluating and optimising your rugby video analysis workflows’


Check out this video to see how the Gloucester Rugby performance analysis workflows are used to enhance their effectiveness on the pitch, by providing their players and coaches with the tools to understand every aspect of their Rugby training and matches. Darren Lewis (Head of Performance Analysis) explains the match day and training environments, showing the Nacsport video analysis software in action.

The team uses Nacsport and KlipDraw in both the Senior team and Academy setup, with all coaches and players able to analyse and review their performances for training and matches in great detail. Darren Lewis, Tom Reynolds (Assistant Analyst), and the whole analysis department provide the Senior team and Academy with a huge amount of detail and footage to easily review, ensuring that they can increase understanding and ultimately their performance through the use of video analysis.

You can learn more about Darren’s performance analysis journey, making the move from Sportscode to Nacsport and advice for creating and continually developing an empowering learning environment on our webinar platform. Check out a sample here!



With focus on specific sports, the Nacsport courses cover every aspect of the software and tools available, allowing you to get the most out of Nacsport and improve your team's performance.


Read some of our case studies to understand how our clients are taking full advantage of analysis solutions.


Learn more about the benefits of video analysis by watching back our webinars and interviews with analysts in the field.

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