AP Joystick – IP Camera control for your video analysis software

If you want to capture high-quality video for your sports team, then you have probably looked at using an IP Camera for filming sport. With the AP Capture solutions, we provide options for permanently fixed cameras and a portable solution with our Telescopic Sports Mast. With AP Capture, you can control your PTZ IP Cameras with smooth and simultaneous movement patterns, whilst capturing a high-quality MP4 file onto your machine.

But what if you want to control your IP Cameras and capture them into your video analysis software on the same machine? For that, you need AP Joystick.

We know that a lot of teams also want to capture their IP Camera feeds directly into their video analysis software, like Nacsport and SportsCode. This is normally very easy to do with your video analysis software, but controlling the camera movement at the same time can be a challenge for many.

This is why we created the AP Joystick software. In fact, we created it in conjunction with the English FA to meet their requirements at St George’s Park (read more here).

The AP Joystick software lets you control your IP Camera movements whilst capturing into video analysis software like Nacsport and SportsCode

AP Joystick can run on either Windows or Mac machines, meaning that if you want to capture your IP Cameras into Nacsport or SportsCode for example, AP Joystick can help you to ‘kill two birds with one stone’.

When you open AP Joystick, you simply choose the cameras from your network that you want to control (you can switch between two when using AP Joystick), press select, then minimise the application. All you have to do next is start your IP Camera capture in your video analysis software (Nacsport/SportsCode for example) and when you move your joystick, you will control the cameras’ PTZ movements in the same way as if you were using AP Capture to control and capture!

AP Joystick is a simple and effective solution for you to control your IP Cameras when capturing the camera feeds into your video analysis software. Get in touch and we will help to build you a powerful solution for filming your sport with IP Cameras.

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