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Not sure which version of Nacsport is best suited for your team? Explore our detailed comparison chart to evaluate the features and functionalities of each version and make an informed decision


There are different versions of the Nacsport video analysis software available, meeting both the functionality and budget requirements for any team, coach or video analyst for any sport and level of competition. We have brought the most useful videos and articles together onto this page to help you learn what you can achieve with the Nacsport suite of software. If you want to see Nacsport in action, you can download a free trial or arrange an online demonstration with our experts.



Explore the differences between Nacsport Basic+ and Scout


Explore the differences between Nacsport Scout and Pro

Explore the differences between Nacsport Basic and Basic+


Explore the differences between Nacsport Pro and Elite

Look at every feature comparison



Included in Basic:
  • Live capture and post-game analysis


  • Up to 25 fully customisable buttons for tagging games


  • Intuitive timeline to review clips

  • KlipDraw Animate drawing tool included with all annual licences

  • Compare up to eight different actions

  • Export analysis data to Excel

  • Create professional video presentations

  • Unlimited dashboards for data visualisation


  • Export clips in .mp4 format

  • Tag&view compatible for mobile analysis

  • Nacsport Hub integration for easy sharing of Analysis



Annual Licence

(+ VAT)

No lifetime


Includes all Basic features, plus:
  • Up to 50 fully customisable buttons for tagging games

  • Combine category and descriptor tags for deeper analysis

  • Play-by-play feature offering information about tags

  • Easily tag from IP or YouTube capture

  • Comprehensive data matrix

  • Export data matrix to Excel

  • Import analysis data in XML format

  • Interactive dashboards for watching the video linked to the stats

  • Stream dashboards to other devices

  • Improve presentations by importing PowerPoint slides



Annual Licence

(+ VAT)


Lifetime Licence

(+ VAT)


Includes all Basic+ features, plus:
  • Unlimited fully customisable tagging windows

  • Graphic descriptors for adding XY coordinate data


  • Data matrix containing data from unlimited games

  • Unlimited dashboards for data visualisation​

  • Customisable XML data imports

  • Stream clips to other devices

  • Link a second video angle


  • Create presentations with video from unlimited games

  • Show Graphic Descriptor results in Dashboard​​

  • Open Quick Share links to receive Nacsport files from others


Annual Licence

(+ VAT)


Lifetime Licence

(+ VAT)



With affordable costs and lifetime licenses, there is a Nacsport version to suit your budgets and requirements.


Includes all Scout features, plus:
  • Three panel flows for highly organised tagging windows


  • Clustered buttons for highly efficient tagging


  • Rewind and review in real-time to support in-game decision making

  • Set presentation windows and lists to build automatically for clips you make when analysing


  • Data matrix with capacity for unlimited video data

  • Custom matrixes and submatrixes to get detailed performance data

  • Sync and link up to four different video angles to the analysis


  • Stream video to devices with Nacsport Coach Station enabled

  • Generate Quick Share Links to send Nacsport files to others

  • Clip filter tool for finding exact performance moments from 3 games

  • Interactive dashboards containing data from up to 3 games

  • Frequency charts to reveal recurrent actions

  • Export clips during live capture

  • Interactive Graphic Descriptor results in Dashboards

Pricing on request.


Includes all Pro features, plus:
  • Unlimited panel flows for supremely organised tagging windows


  • Activation and deactivation links for advanced tagging windows


  • Create heatmaps with interactive XY coordinate data


  • Live simultaneous capture of 4 video feeds

  • Import live data from Tag&view iOS devices and Nacsport Elite

  • Clip filter tool for searching across all your games

  • Interactive dashboards containing data for unlimited games


  • Variable labels and calculations in dashboards for elite-level data visualisation


  • Stream video and data to devices with Nacsport Coach Station enabled

Pricing on request.




With focus on specific sports, the Nacsport courses cover every aspect of the software and tools available, allowing you to get the most out of Nacsport and improve your team's performance.



Read some of our case studies to understand how our clients are taking full advantage of analysis solutions.


Learn more about the benefits of video analysis by watching back our webinars and interviews with analysts in the field.

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