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KlipDraw is a professional telestration tool to help you Spotlight key moments in your videos! 

Open your video in KlipDraw, make a clip for your key moment, add your drawings and just export the video. It really is that simple! 

KlipDraw Basic lets you add still drawings onto your videos and KlipDraw Animate goes one step further, with a sequence of drawings on your chosen frame to bring your message to life.


KlipDraw integrated with Nacsport

The KlipDraw tools are fully integrated with Nacsport, so you can fill your Presentation windows with key moments from your analysis, then add KlipDraw drawings and animations onto them to really highlight your point. Read more about the integration here.

Nacsport users also benefit from a discount, getting a 1-year licence for the cost of 6 months!

KlipDraw offer with Nacsport


Free Trial

You can try KlipDraw for free directly inside of Nacsport (Update 2.6.5 and above) or as a standalone software. Visit the KlipDraw website and press the Trial button in the top right corner!

Contact us for any further information and questions you may have.