When you watch sport on TV, you will no doubt see the pundits sharing analysis insights by drawing over the video. It really grabs your attention and clearly shows the point they are making! KlipDraw is a telestration software to help improve your sports performance analysis and Spotlight the key moments that can influence understanding and performance.

You can use the KlipDraw tools to enhance any sports video and it’s easy to do. Open your video, click and drag to pick out a key moment then add drawings at different points within that. Use still or animated drawings, then simply export your video to share with others. It really is that simple!

The short video below will provide an overview of how KlipDraw can help you, with further information and pricing available in our brochure and the sections further down the page. Please fill in this form to download the brochure immediately. Don’t forget to review the further information available on this page too!

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KlipDraw telestration software for drawing on sports videos

Variety of Tools

KlipDraw has a full suite of illustration tools designed to help you get your point across and improve communication with your team. Arrows, spotlights, zooms, shapes, text boxes and much more.

Quickly and easily create clips from your videos, add your analysis and coaching messages with the telestration and automatic tracking tools available, then export your video to share with others. Three simple steps!

See how easy it is for yourself with a free trial here. No credit card required, no obligation, no worries.

KlipDraw telestration software for drawing on sports videos

PC and Mac

There are three versions of KlipDraw available and with prices starting at £40 (+vat), there is a version suitable for everyone!

KlipDraw Basic (PC and Mac) lets you add still drawings onto your videos and KlipDraw Animate (PC and Mac) goes one step further, with a sequence of animated drawings on your chosen frame to bring your message to life.

KlipDraw Motion (PC) puts automated tracking into your hands in the fastest way possible. With Motion, you can have drawings showing over moving video and also mix in still frames with animation too.

KlipDraw telestration software for drawing on sports videos

Integrated with Nacsport

The KlipDraw tools are fully integrated with Nacsport, so you can fill your Nacsport Presentation windows with key moments from your analysis, then add KlipDraw drawings and animations onto them to really highlight your point.

Nacsport users also benefit from a discount on the KlipDraw tools. A Nacsport user can get the KlipDraw tools for a year and only needs to pay for a 6-month licence, so they really are the dream combination for video analysis!

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