Communication is the key to success within a team. The easier you can get your message across, the better chance you have of increasing understanding and ultimately performance. Sharimg is an online sports team communication platform, where you can upload video files for people to review and comment on together.

You can’t be with your team 24/7, but with an online platform, you can put your feedback in their hands for whenever they need it. Sharimg can run on any device with a modern browser, so you can ensure that all your team are able to communicate and improve together. Nacsport users can upload their analysis (matrix) and presentations directly to Sharimg. Players can even create their own clips online and coaches can build presentations together.

The short video below will provide an overview of how the Sharimg online sports team communication platform can help you, with further information available in our brochure and the sections further down the page. Please fill in this form to download the brochure immediately. Don’t forget to review the further information available on this page too!

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Uploading video files and analysis to Sharimg for online viewing and communication in sports teams

Effective Communication

A picture paints a thousand words, a video helps you to understand them. Upload videos to share your key message and choose the users on your Sharimg platform who will have access to the files. Users get notified about files you have shared with them, so you can ensure they never miss out an opportunity to learn. Each file has a comments section for your team to interact and discuss together. Post questions in the comments to check for understanding and watch your team’s communication continue to develop away from the field.

Sharimg files can be shared with specific users on your platform to view their online sports videos

Private Workspace

Sharimg provides you with a secure and exclusive online environment. You control the users that can access your platform and the content that they can access when logged in. If you want to share a file with only a few members of your team, it’s easy to do! There are different plans available, so you can select the Sharimg platform that is right for the storage and users your team needs to communicate and develop together away from the field.

Integrated with Nacsport

The Nacsport video analysis software has integrated with Sharimg to speed up the way you can share with your team. You can upload your full video and data straight to Sharimg from inside Nacsport, so that your matrix can be reviewed online by your team.  You can also upload videos you have exported, like your Presentation in Nacsport, choose who can see these then comment around this as a team to improve together. The only way to make your Nacsport analysis better is to take it online and share, so Sharimg is the perfect platform for it!

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