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When you watch sport on TV, you will no doubt see the pundits sharing analysis insights by drawing over the video. It really grabs your attention and clearly shows the point they are making! Telestration software helps to improve your sports performance analysis and spotlight the key moments that can influence understanding and performance.


Drawings are often added by a coach or analyst who 100% knows how they would like the team to play, so using telestration on key clips ensures their team understands and gets on the same page, leading to a positive impact on performance.

No longer is adding drawings to videos expensive or time-consuming, as KlipDraw has broken down those barriers with a range of versions to suit all budgets and requirements.

Telestration on a football game with the KlipDraw video analysis software


Telestration tools have made it easier for coaches and analysts to show exactly what they want their team to see on the clips they prepare. You can bring your coaching and analysis points to life and ensure that everyone sees the message and detail you want them to see.

If a team can clearly understand the coaching and feedback they are receiving, there is less misunderstanding amongst them. Telestration on your sports videos therefore means your team has a much higher chance to improve performance.



Our online courses enable you to understand, develop and apply a sports performance analysis process.


Read some of our case studies to understand how our clients are taking full advantage of analysis solutions.


Learn more about the benefits of video analysis by watching back our webinars and interviews with analysts in the field.

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