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Liverpool FC analyst greg mathieson demonstrating KlipDraw

Find out how Liverpool analyses opponents, how they prepare reports to present to management and how Nacsport and KlipDraw have improved performance analysis in their department and at Liverpool in general.

If you want professional filming quality and additional benefits, you need to learn more about IP Cameras and how you can use them for filming sport, whether they are fast-paced or close-up technical sports.

Video analysis, evolving from traditional methods to advanced technology, has become a crucial tool for high-performing teams, fostering optimal training environments, improving athlete skills, and enabling smarter strategic decisions during games.


A showcase of some exceptional work from one of our users, Tony Bambrick, who uses Nacsport for GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) video analysis.



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The most important part of the video analysis process is getting good quality footage. We provide IP Cameras that will deliver high-quality footage that is easy to use, ensuring that you are seeing everything you need to review and improve.