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The established video analysis processes which are used in professional sport are not necessarily sport specific. The main aim of video analysis is to create resources which objectively display key information and facts about an activity that can be used to support and enhance the feedback process. We have therefore seen an increase in demand for video analysis software and processes which can be used in non-sport settings like educational, medical, instructional and industry based institutes for example.

With the key principles and aims of video analysis in mind, our non-sport range of video analysis software is aimed at giving you the opportunity to provide more objective feedback and evidence for better informed decisions and reviews. Please review our Products section for more information about these non-sport tools.


Advanced Development and Enhancement of Professional Training


A Video-Centred Learning Platform

An innovative video solution that facilitates an “educational hub”. A total digitised visual learning process that can be effective in an array of environments.



Educational Environments

Growth in access to educational technology has transformed pedagogical strategies, enriched the learning process, improved communication of complex information and accelerated development. ADEPT setups provide a bespoke video resource that can maximise an organisation’s ability to measure, manage, and enhance its effectiveness.





Medical Environments

Using ADEPT setups in medical settings gives you the ability to assess the learning and performance of individuals, teams and even systems involved in or using simulation. You can provide users with the ability to analyse the total performance and provide effective feedback for improved outcomes.





A Complete Solution






Our team can adapt and customise a range of proven workflows to provide a bespoke holistic solution, which enhances the operational effectiveness of an organisation.






Industrial Environments


Video and web based performance analysis

A video based training and risk analysis system that enables managers to assess, record, evaluate and show evidence of performance & competency in the training environment.

• Minimises corporate & business risk
• Provides an audit of the training delivered
• Video evidence to support the audit
• Confirms and records proof of competency and training needs assessment
• Provides your own secure, online best practice search facility
• Tailor made service to suit the needs of each client


'To record and annotate the technical requirements of any procedure'

• Create a performance analysis model to cover the technical or non technical evaluation process
• Assess technical or non technical requirements of any procedure
• Evaluation pass/fail
• Sets benchmarks

Searchable online Video Resource (service led)

• World wide access to collected data
• Access to good practice video footage
• Secure online feedback for all delegates
• Record of pre-course information/education tools
• On going reinforcement of process and protocols

Local searchable database

• Create a local/national authority searchable database of content
• Create a video statistical audit process
• Research and development tool

Filming and Capture

• Semi Pro/Pro cameras
• Radio mics
• Elevated filming positions
• IP cameras
• Multiple cameras where needed

"Ready to go" bureau camera service manned by trained cameraman using the latest HD cameras.

• Pre-plan and book this service as and when required
• Delivery of footage preloaded to analysis system
• Standard quality controlled and managed by us