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The Nacsport Tag&view iPad sports performance analysis app is the perfect tool for portability and a fantastic option for people wanting to get started with video analysis. If you want to see the instant benefits of using performance analysis, then Tag&view is a great tool to download for free on the App Store and try out!

Tag&view also links in with established video analysis processes, as the video file and analysis can be shared straight into Nacsport or shared to other analysis software. Whilst capturing live, you can also review your registered actions, so Tag&view is a perfect option for live training analysis and feedback.

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Nacsport Tag&view Live Capture and Analysis

Whenever, wherever

Video can always make an impact within a team. By being able to film, analyse and review live on an iPad, you can be sure to never miss out on an opportunity to improve your team’s understanding with video feedback. Create a buttons template in Tag&view to register your key moments, then simply film and tap away. Simple! You are registering actions that you can review during the session whilst filming, or at any point afterwards. The video file and analysis are stored on your iPad, so you can open at any point thereafter to review your key moments and share them into Nacsport for more detailed analysis and editing too.

Nacsport Tag&view Live Review

Instant Feedback

Whilst filming and registering actions, you can look at a live matrix of your analysis. This shows you the Categories and Descriptors (buttons in your template) that you have tapped to create video clips and data. When you tap on the numbers in your matrix, you can watch back those specific moments, whilst your iPad is still filming in the background! To enhance your live processes, you can also live stream the video from your Tag&view app into the Nacsport software. This means that your analysis team can receive your video feed and data wirelessly, then use it to add more data and in-depth review processes. The possibilities are endless for benefiting from live analysis!

Nacsport Tag&view Sharing with Nacsport

Easy Integration

You can import a Nacsport template into Tag&view or create one on the app, with the full features of a Nacsport Elite template; including Panel Flows, activation and deactivation links. When you have completed your live capture and analysis in Tag&view, you can share the package over a network straight onto your Nacsport machine. No need for cables! Your analysis in Tag&view will also create an XML file, which can be shared with other compatible timeline-based analysis software and online platforms. What’s not to love about Tag&view!

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