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Can you remember everything that happens in a performance? Studies have shown elite level coaches only remembered 30% of the key factors in a match that determined success. Sports performance analysis can objectively reveal the missing 70% and confirms the accuracy of our memory.

An effective video analysis process is split into 3 main areas: Shoot, Analyse and Share.

At AnalysisPro, we educate and assist you with all these processes, along with supplying professional equipment and software solutions to meet your requirements.


The most important part of the video analysis process is getting good quality footage. Therefore, it is important that we assist you with providing solutions that will deliver high quality footage and are easy to use, ensuring that you are seeing everything you need to review and improve. Our most effective solution for this is our range of IP Camera setups utilising our AP Capture software; whether they are fixed camera setups or using our portable telescopic mast solution.

Find out about AP Capture Find out about AP Live

If you are looking at using a standard handheld camera, check out our filming equipment advice section to help you choose the right equipment and know the things to take into consideration.

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