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Video analysis in professional sport has become common place as it allows teams to better understand the performances of themselves and their opposition. It is not sport specific as it is all based on similar processes and workflows to achieve an end goal that will help your team to improve. Previously, this has been limited to the professional teams due to cost implications and lack of training or understanding. We created this short video to give you a quick overview of how different components of video analysis could help you to improve.


With our product line, we are able to provide affordable and scalable solutions that will allow you to mirror the processes carried out at the elite level and ensure you get the most out of these with the training and advice we can provide. Please view our Products section to find out more details on these solutions.

Bureau Solutions

These are a great way of delivering high quality filming and analysis feedback to a number of teams or users that sit under your organisation. We have experience in setting up and supporting these solutions, so please don't hesitate to get in touch for more details and to discuss what options are available.



AnalysisPro Ltd and our associates have a proven record in delivering performance analysis organisational blueprints. We are able to audit your current workflows and requirements to create and project manage a future proof plan which will ensure your further development.

A Proven Record

We have worked with National Governing Bodies such as the Welsh Rugby Union, New Zealand Rugby, England Hockey and teams such as Man City. Please Contact us to discuss your needs.