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  • Josh Bryan

AP Capture V2 software for the Liverpool FC IP Cameras

In May 2015, we installed 2 of our fixed AP Capture IP Cameras at Liverpool FC‘s Melwood Training Ground. These cameras have continued to provide Liverpool FC with high quality footage of their training sessions and we are really pleased that Liverpool FC have now upgraded to AP Capture V2. The upgrade to V2 means that from one laptop, both IP Cameras can be captured and controlled. This results in two high quality MP4 files being created for each camera and the option to have a 3rd file created which would be a side by side video of both cameras.

When the cameras were initially installed, we provided custom brackets to attach the cameras onto existing structures. Since that time, Liverpool have taken on our advice about using a dedicated Trolley Head Pole for attaching the camera on. Along with the obvious height advantage of these Trolley Head Poles we recommend (can be 9,12 or 15m high), a big benefit comes with the ease of access to the camera.

A drill system at the bottom of the pole means that the swan neck bracket and IP Camera can be easily lowered to ground level so that easy cleaning of the lens can take place. The custom rain and sun shield covers that we provide help to further protect the cameras against the elements, but this ease of access means that inevitable cleaning from time to time can be carried out without the need of additional equipment to get up to the cameras.

We recently caught up with Harrison Kingston and Mark Leyland at Melwood to update their systems to the new AP Capture interface and capability of V2. We were very happy with the feedback from both Harrison and Mark about how the footage is regularly used and how easy they still find it to control the cameras:

We are very pleased to have two AP Capture machines controlling and capturing our training ground IP Cameras, provided by AnalysisPro. Controlling the cameras is smooth and easy, with the footage created being of great quality for our video analysis workflows. Being able to use both cameras at the same time with the new AP Capture V2 will also enhance our video collection processes. We’re glad we upgraded to the Trolley Head Pole to attach one of our cameras to and look forward to continuing to use AP Capture solutions and working with AnalysisPro into the future.”

We would like to say thanks to Harrison and to all at Liverpool FC for their continued trust and use of our AP Capture solutions.


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