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More colleges and schools choosing Nacsport

Today we would like to take the opportunity to welcome three of our newest Nacsport users from the Education sector. The use of Nacsport’s video analysis software in schools, colleges and universities is continually growing in the UK and Ireland, and with a big update for Nacsport around the corner, we are sure that more will take the opportunity to get on board with this powerful and affordable software which opens up lots of great feedback, coaching and analysis workflows for teachers and students alike. We’ve kindly been provided with some testimonials too which you can read below to see how these colleges will make use of Nacsport in their own words!

Firstly, we would like to say thanks to Nick Beasant, who is the Director of Sport at Charterhouse School, for choosing 2 Nacsport Basic Plus licences and a Tag&go licence for analysing their school sport. After talking with David Faulkner at Millfield School, Nick saw the great benefits that Millfield are having from using Nacsport and our other video analysis solutions, so got in touch to find out more and explore the software further. The combination of two Basic Plus licences and a Tag&go licence opens up lots of workflows that can be used across multiple sports at the school, so we are looking forward to seeing how Nick and the team get along and will be on hand to support them whenever they need!

Following on, we would like to welcome The Portsmouth Grammar School who have entered a three-year agreement for using 2 Nacsport Scout Plus licences with their Cricket and Rugby teams. The school has previously been voted as one of the top 10 independent sports schools, and if you take a look at this page, you can see how many different teams they have across a variety of sports (20 sports and 235 teams if my counting is correct!). We’re excited to be starting this journey with The Portsmouth Grammar School and will help to expand the provision of performance analysis across the school. Sam Lavery is the resident Cricket Professional and Head of Cricket Academy at the school and has got his teeth stuck into Nacsport very quickly! He has kindly provided us with the following testimonial on how Nacsport will be used at the school and the impact that it has:

At PGS we recently introduced Nacsport to our cricket program with the aim of placing an increasing emphasis on performance analysis and review. Having spent a couple of weeks experimenting with the software we managed to create a number of methods that worked for our coaches and more importantly our pupils. We’re now able to share detailed analysis with our students electronically as well as in group presentations. Meaning not only that our pupils are learning every time they perform, but we’re also able to make training sessions more specific to individual or group needs. In a short space of time cricketers ranging from years 7 through to the 1st XI have seen the benefits that come from a structured performance analysis and review system, and we will be implementing Nacsport into our rugby program from the start of next season.

Finally, we would like to welcome and say thanks to Ali Pearson from Wellington College who has chosen a Nacsport Scout Plus for furthering the analysis workflows that he carries out at the school. Ali has provided a fantastic testimonial that explains his role at the College and how Nacsport will be used there perfectly, so we will leave you with his words below.

Once again, we would like to say a big thanks to Charterhouse School, The Portsmouth Grammar School and Wellington College for their trust in us and choosing Nacsport video analysis software. We are sure they are going to benefit from using it, especially once the new update is released soon!

Ali Pearson Testimonial:

My name is Ali Pearson, Sports Performance Analyst at Wellington College.  I provide analysis support to a variety of sports teams at Wellington, including Rugby, Hockey, Football, Netball and Cricket.  I have worked here since graduating with an MSc in Sports Performance Analysis from the University of Chichester in 2013. Within 18 months of starting the project, we have managed to build an analysis department from a camcorder and a tripod to something that would rival some professional teams.  With increased interest in performance analysis here at Wellington, from coaches, students and parents, along with the continued expansion of the sports department, the requirements and needs of coaches and players in each sport is changing.  Working with AnalysisPro and Nacsport has been a great acquisition for the development of performance analysis at Wellington College.  The help provided by Josh Bryan at AnalysisPro has been excellent and has made the whole process run smoothly since investing in Nacsport Scout Plus.  The regular contact with AnalysisPro means I am kept up to date with developments and updates for Nacsport, increasing the power of the analysis I can provide, enabling us to get the most out of the software. The main reason for choosing Nacsport was to enable live capture and coding of matches, in particular Cricket where batting and bowling analysis can be conducted during play.  This ultimately saves huge amounts of time when generating match data reports and video clips.  The use of Nacsport will be rolled out to other sports at Wellington, leading to video and match stats being made available at half-time and full-time.  For me as an analyst, this is a key part of the reflection process where information is provided during play or immediately afterwards assisting with accurate recall of match events.  We use other analysis software packages for post-match and technique analysis but Nacsport’s ease with regards to live capture and the smoothness when capturing and coding live has made it a great investment. Performance analysis is very much growing at Wellington.  With the investments we have made in regards to equipment and now Nacsport, the range of options we have to provide comprehensive video and statistical analysis is immense.  Nacsport will become a key feature of the analysis process at Wellington, and the continued support from AnalysisPro will ensure we always get the most out of the software.


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