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Nacsport offer a variety of timeline based video analysis software that run on the Windows platform, to provide you with an affordable and powerful solution for carrying out performance analysis within your team or organisation. Without the need to purchase an expensive Mac (the software can still run on a Mac with Bootcamp or Parallels), you can create or extend an existing performance analysis environment without the need for a huge investment.

This short video will introduce you to Nacsport and provide an overview of how the software can help you. Please watch it then scroll down for further information and links!



Below there will be some more specific information on the different versions and features available throughout Nacsport, but firstly we wanted to mention a key part of Nacsport which users around the world count upon and are hugely impressed by: 


Nacsport Technical Support and Update Service

Nacsport are committed to ensuring that their software will perform at the highest level for every user and is continually benefitting from developments and new features, which are driven by the feedback from users in the field. The service provided by Nacsport is rated highly amongst users thanks to the speed of response and helpfulness in solving any issues which may be occurring. Frequent feature updates mean that versions inherit features from higher levels and also benefit from brand new features across the board, keeping Nacsport both current and at the forefront of developing new and exciting workflows, which will help users to save time and create powerful feedback resources. These updates occur regularly, so please note that the videos you will see below do not necessarily represent the current feature set of a version.


Fully integrated with KlipDraw



Versions of Nacsport

As we've mentioned, there are different software versions available throughout Nacsport which are designed to match your requirements and budgets. Each version is progressive, inheriting all the features from the version below. We will try to outline some key differences below, but please refer to the feature comparison table in the link below and use the Contact tab to ask for more information and request a free demo so you can try any version yourself! 


The Entry Level

This group includes Basic and Basic Plus. These extremely affordable versions are perfect for newcomers to video analysis who can quickly pick up the software and benefit from the key features and feedback resources that you will be able to create. Basic Plus has some features which will allow you to mirror high-end processes and also interact with other software and services like Opta, Wyscout, Gamebreaker and SportsCode, due to the ability to import/export XML files (a common language in Timeline based products). 


The Professional Group

This includes Scout PlusPro Plus and EliteThese versions of Nacsport offer a huge amount of functionality, with Scout Plus actually offering the features which will allow you to carry out the majority of processes carried out in most professional setups. From this version, you can use an unlimited amount of buttons within your personalised template, open 5 separate databases of different games within the timeline, review a matrix with data from multiple databases and create independent presentation windows, so you can gather clips from different games over the season. These are just a few of the standout features available in Scout Plus that will boost your effectiveness when carrying out analysis and creating feedback resources.

With Pro Plus and Elite, we see the introduction of some high-end live processes, in particular the ability to review actions again whilst you are capturing them and making that process possible on wireless devices which are on your same network. These are the Live Review processes shown in the video below. Of course, there are a huge amount of other features available in the Professional Group which are unique to Nacsport and really enhance the efficiency of workflows and amount of data which can be produced and easily reviewed. We encourage you to view the product comparison and further information links below this video and also request you to get in touch for more information and a free demo by using our Contact page.



Nacsport Tag&Go iPad App

Nacsport Feature Comparison Chart

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