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  • Josh Bryan

AP Capture in action at Bath Rugby

Last weekend, Jon was invited to “The Rec” by Darren Lewis of Bath Rugby so that he could provide them with another filming angle for use in their video analysis processes. Darren has seen the AP Capture camera setup a few times and invited Jon along so that he could showcase it to other members of the Bath Rugby setup like head coach Mike Ford.

Darrell Cobner (Cardiff Metropolitan University, @CPAUWIC) was kind enough to help Jon out on the day, which also provided him with another chance to catch up with former student Darren too. The 16×9 IP Camera was setup on the mobile tripod and then controlled expertly by Darrell who is familiar with the software and joystick movements due to having a multiple camera solution being put in place at the University for their performance analysis provision. AP Capture uses the feed from the IP Camera to provide high-quality footage, but an audio source can also be synced with this. So, Jon and Darrell used the signal from the referee mic to act as the sound file to accompany the video being capture live onto the laptop. Check out this picture of the AP Capture interface taken before the game and you will see Darren Lewis getting setup to carry out his usual live video analysis!

Darren used the video file created with AP Capture to link into his timeline based software and provide another video angle for review purposes. Although Darren added this angle post-match, you can utilise the IP Camera signal in part of a live capture process if using software like Nacsport which has the ability to capture an IP Camera signal. For other video analysis software which doesn’t have this capability, there are also converter boxes which will turn the IP Camera signal into a usable video input for live capture and analysis.

Darren and Mike Ford were kind enough to let us share some of this footage with you so we have put that into a video which you can see below. Please note that the video clip used was sent back to us by Darren so has gone through a number of compressions during the sharing, production and upload process. The actual video file has a much higher quality but we wanted you to see the angle and height of footage provided by the mobile tripod, the smooth movement patterns and capability that AP Capture has when it comes to linking a sound source with the live capture. Once again, many thanks to Darren Lewis and Mike Ford for letting us share this footage with you and also thanks to Darrell Cobner for providing great quality filming!


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