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AP Capture Version 2 – Embedded into Millfield School PA Workflows

We are really pleased to announce that our second version of AP Capture is now available. This blog will give you more information about AP Capture V2 and how this version is already embedded into the Performance Analysis workflows at Millfield School. Kristen Wright is the PA for Millfield School and has kindly revealed the different PA processes being used in the school across a variety of sports.


AP Capture

Our AP Capture solutions let you use sophisticated IP Cameras (our latest cameras are 4K ready) to record high quality footage for any activity. We provide a mobile tripod solution to get an elevated position for your filming wherever you go and fixed installations, so you can have multiple cameras across a larger site that can all be controlled from one location (or different points onsite).

At the heart of these solutions is our AP Capture software, which we developed from the ground up. The solutions we provide are not a typical security-style IP Camera setup, but solutions developed specifically for video analysis and especially filming sport. The configuration of our software and solutions means that controlling the camera from the joystick gives instant response and smooth movement patterns for simultaneous pan, tilt and zoom. This is ESSENTIAL for filming sport.

The AP Capture software interface has always been designed to be user-friendly, with only a few options for the user to press to ensure that their focus is on what they are filming, not how they are filming it. After selecting a camera to control and a sound source to record, the user only has to press record to start capturing a single MP4 file of their footage directly onto their laptop, which is instantly mixed with the selected sound source too.

So what’s new in AP Capture?

Firstly, we have a brand-new interface for all versions of AP Capture as you can see below! One of the biggest things you will notice is that we now have two screens available. This is because you can now capture and control 2 different IP Cameras from one computer running AP Capture V2. With full screen viewing and the ability to quickly switch between each camera and a stacked view with keyboard hotkeys, users can easily move each camera when needed. At the end of the process, you will end up with 3 video files. A file for each camera and a final video which shows both videos side by side.

AP Capture V2 at Cardiff Met - 2 Cameras on the football pitch

With our interface update for AP Capture V1 and V2, we have also added some more improvements and options to streamline the user’s process. Without having to dive into the camera’s settings, users can now easily change the resolution and bitrate of the capture if they want to. Users can now also choose which location on their computer they would like to save their video file to, rather than just the pre-set folder.

Finally, we are working on embedding another tool into AP Capture that will enable users to stream directly to YouTube, all from one machine that is running AP Capture. When reading about the Millfield processes below, you will see that they currently use AP Capture alongside a computer running our other streaming and mixing solution. Once our new tool is released, this can all be set up and run easily through AP Capture, which should again streamline the process and capabilities available to our end users!


To give you an idea on how AP Capture and V2 is being applied in one of our user’s environments, Kristen Wright has kindly provided some insight into the different video analysis processes she applies at Millfield School as the Performance Analyst for them:


PA Processes at Millfield School

As the Performance Analyst at Millfield School, where we offer 28 sports, I am involved with the collecting, distributing and analysing of footage to 10 sports. When working with that number of sports, strong interactions between coaches, analyst and players is crucial for providing relevant key performance information and in turn, interpreting performance.

AP Capture and the 8 IP cameras installed around the campus have not only made it easier to capture footage of a range of sports from the comforts of my office desk, but more footage is being collected than before. A few weeks ago, my Wednesday fixtures were 12pm Girls Hockey match, 1:45pm Netball match and a 3pm Boys Hockey match. If I had to run around, setting up equipment to then take it down, run to the other side of the campus for the next match, I wouldn’t have been able to film all 3 matches. I was able to use AP Capture from my office and switch between cameras within a minute. This latest addition of AP Capture V2, where I can capture and switch between 2 IP cameras on 1 computer, is only going to heighten the video analysis capacity at the school.

2 different sports filmed from one AP Capture V2 laptop

With game sessions running on Wednesdays and Saturdays, there are always clashes of fixtures and a choice of what match is going to be filmed. We have found the live streaming solution provided by AnalysisPro to be a big hit among students, coaches and parents. Matches from Cricket, to Hockey and Rugby have been accessed live around the world. The added addition of live streaming directly from the new AP Capture is another bonus that will provide further distribution and interaction. Individual sports such as the Tennis and Squash departments who have constant access to AP Capture can now choose to stream any match they film, involving the coaching team into the Performance Analysis process.

Millfield Rugby filmed through AP CaptureMillfield Rugby filmed with AP CaptureKristen Wright running a live capture and stream with AP Capture

Footage from Netball, Cricket, Girls Hockey, Rugby and Football matches are inserted into our Nacsport software for analysis. The main analysis laptop has Nacsport Pro Plus installed along with 2 other floating laptops having Nacsport Scout Plus and Basic Plus licenses for coaches and students to use. The use of Nacsport aligns to the specific Performance Analysis program aims of the different sports, and the players’ and coaches’ level and experience of analysis.

Millfield Rugby Nacsport category templateMillfield Rugby Nacsport timeline

A broad range of data is collected and composed, and the matrix and dashboard tools in Nacsport provide the data needed to create a stats sheet, which is presented to the team. Specific areas of play are selected by coaches weekly for myself to clip from the past match, linking with that week’s coaching content, e.g. defending driving lineouts in Rugby.

Millfield Rugby stats sheet v RGS High WycombeMillfield Netball Stats sheet v Saturn

These clips along with the stat sheets are uploaded onto MyTPE and players and coaches are alerted and encourage to discuss.  The MyTPA and MyTPE platforms are excellent tools for engaging with coaches and players, keeping them up to date with the current programs. The timelines created in Nacsport are uploaded with the match footage onto MyTPA, allowing coaches and athletes to be more specific when post game watching, instead of needing to watch the entire match. This feature once again encourages more interaction and self-learning from players and coaches.

The Nacsport app TagAndGo is another way that coaches and students can become more integrated into the analysis process. It is an excellent tool to incorporate live coding while filming at away fixtures and the databases can easily be uploaded to Nacsport, linking together with the footage.

Student machines and iPads for using Nacsport and Tag&go

Performance Analysis at Millfield is no longer just used as a coaching tool. Players have the option of becoming more involved and aware of the benefits of analysis from understanding their own and their teams KPI’s, to coding their own footage. An understanding of Performance Analysis not only helps the students immediately in their sport, but also in their possible careers options in sport- as an athlete, analyst or coach.

Current Performance Analysis Provision to 10 Sports: Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Girls Hockey, Boys Hockey, Football, Basketball, Squash, Tennis, Equestrian.


We would like to thank Kristen for providing further insight into the Performance Analysis processes used at Millfield School across a variety of sports. As you can see, there are a great combination of tools in use, all working in synergy with the high-quality footage being gathered through AP Capture.

If you would like any further information on the newest version of AP Capture and our other video analysis solutions mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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