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  • Josh Bryan

Cardiff Met Uni and AP Capture

As you may have seen in previous blogs and our YouTube videos, Cardiff Metropolitan University were the first users of our AP Capture solutions; both fixed and mobile. As part of the planned facilities developments and filming provision improvements, the university have continued to expand their amount of IP Cameras for different pitches, along with getting more AP Capture software to be used on both dual-boot iMacs and portable Lenovo laptops. We are really proud of the multiple camera solution at the university, and after initially seeing the concept come together and now continuing to expand and improve, we know that this is a great environment for people to learn more about our solutions and see how they form an integral part of many performance analysis processes carried out by both lecturers and students on a variety of platforms and products on offer at Cardiff Met.

As the system has been used extensively in different conditions, we have had a lot of valuable feedback from the university. The Axis cameras we provide are fully outdoor compatible, being waterproof and able to operate in sub-zero temperatures, but we have come across an issue that can occur in driving rain. When we supply our cameras, we spray them with a water repellant Rain-X solution that helps to keep water build up off of the dome. However, in driving rain conditions there is a potential for rain droplets to build up on one side of the dome (if the matches are still on!). To counter this, we have designed a prototype housing that has been manufactured by Altron (suppliers of the poles you see at Cardiff Met), to prevent driving rain hitting the dome. We are waiting for some typical Welsh rain to fully test this and I don’t think we will have to wait very long!

In this blog, we wanted to share some pictures (click on them to expand) with views from the most recent installation on the newly resurfaced Hockey pitch, the new lab at Cardiff Met where AP Capture can be used (also available in the upstairs lab), and pictures from some of the students using AP Capture and the mobile tripod solution. Around these pictures, you will also see some feedback kindly given to us from some of the students. We want to thank you for taking the time to share these pictures and words and hope you continue to enjoy using AP Capture during your time at Cardiff Met!

Arron Ackerman

In a constantly evolving and multi-tool environment, AP Capture is the simplest and most effective way for us to bring our video feeds into our coding environments, whether that is live or by using the captured video file. The options available within AP Capture give us a number of file formats and compression rates to work with in a number of different coding applications.  What AnalysisPro Ltd have lined up for future developments of AP Capture is really exciting too. One of the most pleasing things about AP Capture is the team behind it, AnalysisPro.  If there have ever been any questions or we’ve ever challenged them, they always come back with the goods. The portable mobile tripod system that is also available is a great option for us to take to away games, and gives us a consistent field of view and really allows us to analyse performances both away and home.  Without the AP Capture system, this wouldn’t be possible.

Daniel Tidy

The cameras provide an excellent viewing position, with AP Capture requiring very little set up and a user interface that’s very simple to use.


The cameras with AP Capture provide an awesome tool for capturing video which is clear and of high quality.


IP cameras are a great tool to help improve the performances of our sport teams; with the proper knowledge, AP Capture gives us a great advantage over our opponents.


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