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  • Bradley Grice

Codimg Video Analysis used for Covid-19 training

We provide a video feedback tool that’s used by medical professionals around the world, it’s called ‘Codimg‘. The Codimg software is currently being used as a training tool in the fight against Covid-19.

Our colleagues in Spain have been working alongside healthcare professionals, to create a template in Codimg that’s used for analysing simulation exercises in the management of airways affected by Covid-19.

Codimg makes an ideal training tool within healthcare by enabling 100% objective, evidence-based feedback from an assessor to a practitioner. It’s a powerful tool to easily and quickly observe key moments of the practice, so they can be implemented into your debriefing.

The software is used by Medical Professionals, such as Esther Leon, to improve medical simulation training feedback.

The tools can be deployed in a variety of ways, from capturing video by using an iPad and standard video cameras, to IP cameras. This article contains a video where we give you some examples of how to use the tool with a new or existing AV setup:

We thank our international colleagues in Spain for sharing, and of course, all those in the healthcare sector currently fighting against Covid-19 around the world.

If you are a medical professional and interested in using the program here in the UK or Ireland, we are able to set up some free use of the computerised software or the Codimg View iPad app. Please get in touch via


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