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  • Bradley Grice

Medical Simulation with Video Analysis to improve Clinical Skills.

Medical Simulation to enhance clinical skills throughout the Healthcare sector is no new concept. The use of robotic simulation dolls is widely used from First Aid courses to the most complex of operations, and even birth of new life!

‘Preparing to Perform’ is a great mantra when it comes to medical simulation and ever-relevant within the training of healthcare professionals. Surgeons, doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, paramedics, and general first aid all practice in a simulated environment.

Combining medical simulation with video analysis workflows to enhance clinical skills allows the practitioner to watch themselves back in the simulated environment. This is ideal to see what went well and what went wrong, therefore enabling practitioners to make informed decisions to improve.

It allows those observing to easily collate, review, assess and build feedback in just a few clicks of a mouse, or tap of an iPad! You can even implement your own scoring system to suit your processes, overlay the video with notes and drawings and even include your favourite PowerPoint slides to give the most detailed feedback.

One of the clearest benefits of using video in this context is the provision of a clear and objective record of what happens during a simulation. It is scientifically proven that an image is processed much faster and is easier to remember than written or spoken text. When we observe ourselves performing an action, we awaken emotional intelligence, further helping our memory of events Dr Beneharo Darias. Center of Training in Robotics and Telemedicine at the University Hospital, Gran Canaria.

Using software to easily collate and manage video footage and data is time-saving and cost-effective, maximising the use of video to give 100% objective evidence-based, first-hand feedback.

We provide the Codimg Video Analysis software to enable this.

What does it do?

In a nutshell – you register your actions on the video by clicking on a customised template.

Codimg Video Analysis software will allow you to quickly collate key moments using a simple buttons template, live or post-event. When you’ve tagged your key moments, you can quickly review them in a timeline, along with interactive Dashboards and a matrix of stats.

You can then easily create a presentation of key clips to share with the practitioner to enhance understanding, with notes and even drawings overlaid onto your clips. You can present your analysis from within the software or export this as an MP4 file to share as you wish. Your feedback is complete!

If you are using video, you should be managing your video and the value that it gives, and maximising it!

Lifetime licences start at £450 (+vat) – meaning you own the licence and the data.

For a more detailed look into video analysis for technological support within medical simulation and the source of the above pictures and quote, click here.


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