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  • Ollie Seymour

Empowering Teaching Excellence Through Lesson Study and Video Analysis

Combe Pafford School, located in Torquay, Devon, is a passionate advocate for professional development and continual growth among its teaching staff. With their unwavering motto of 'believe, succeed, achieve,' the school strives to create an environment where teachers can thrive and students can excel. Seeking to enhance their teacher coaching and lesson study initiatives, the school partnered with AnalysisPro. We introduced Codimg, a powerful video analysis software, and Codimg Hub, a collaborative platform for sharing videos, and insights and facilitating communication among teachers. This case study explores how Combe Pafford School leveraged Codimg's capabilities to revolutionise its teaching practices and foster an environment of continuous improvement.

At Combe Pafford we have a yearly Lesson Study cycle. It is used to explore a whole school priority, it’s intention, the research informing us of the benefits and it’s application in the classroom. Previous lesson studies have explored explicit vocabulary teaching and metacognitive strategies. It is a time for teachers to capture parts of their teaching practice using video, to reflect on this and to share with others their findings using an online platform. All teaching staff are involved in the process and are organised into small groups or triads. Each group decides on a common theme or goal to investigate, linked to the whole school priority and are then responsible to feeding back any findings to the wider staff team. The goal of Lesson Study is to not only encourage reflective practice and collaboration but to also encourage experimentation and establish channels for feedback from teachers. All Lesson Study cycles end with teacher questionnaires and findings /points raised are then shared with SLT and inform our School Development Plan. Lesson Study is very popular with our staff team because teachers feel it isn’t directive, they are trusted as professionals to investigate and their findings are listened to and actioned. Jenny McVeigh - Deputy Head


Challenges: Lesson Study Video Review and Team Engagement

Combe Pafford School recognised the need for a user-friendly video review solution that would enable teachers to record their lessons using their existing iPads. They sought to capture not only teacher interactions but also pupil engagement by wearing wireless microphones. However, their previous platform lacked the necessary flexibility and functionality to support their evolving needs. The school desired a solution that would facilitate easy video breakdown for review and analysis while allowing seamless sharing within small groups engaged in lesson study.

Prior to working with an online platform for video sharing, it was very difficult to action Lesson Study due to the high cover needs to enable staff to visit classrooms and observe practice. As with all lesson observation, feedback was subjective and teachers lacked control over the elements of their lesson they wanted to highlight or draw attention to with observers as they would be live teaching. Feeding back after the observation required proformas/ templates and of course, time to meet face to face. We investigated an online platform with another company but we had complications with the quality of the video stored and teachers found the navigation of the platform too complicated. We found that CPD was required for teachers to become familiar with the platform and upload of technology which meant less time dedicated to research and reflection. Jenny McVeigh - Deputy Head

Solution: Codimg and Codimg Hub

Understanding the unique requirements of Combe Pafford School, we introduced Codimg, a comprehensive video analysis software designed specifically for educational environments. The Codimg iPad app enabled teachers to record their lessons effortlessly and tag key moments in real-time or retrospectively. This tagging feature proved instrumental in identifying and analysing specific aspects of their teaching practice, driving focused professional development.

AnalysisPro demonstrating Codimg at Coombe Pafford School

To facilitate collaboration and sharing of video and the analysis, AnalysisPro recommended Codimg Hub, an online platform that allowed teachers to securely upload their recorded videos. Codimg Hub offers a range of features, including the ability to create clips, share videos, documents, and thoughts with their lesson study groups. This seamless integration of video analysis and collaborative tools empowered teachers to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of their instructional practices.

Feedback from this round of lesson study involving Codimg has been extremely positive. Praise has surrounded the quality of the sound and picture of the video clips. Teachers also found that the platform was very easy to navigate and that exploring the menus etc was intuitive. Posing questions and providing feedback with regards to video clips is quick and easy and can be viewed at any convenient time without the need to meet face to face. The platform can be accessed on mobile devices and email notifications are sent should a staff member be tagged in comments. This has meant that the conversation flows throughout the lesson study cycle, not just within the dedicated meeting time provided. Josh and Ollie have been on hand to provide support and advice with regards to getting the most out of our existing video equipment in school and with building familiarity with the online platform. We have only required light touch instruction as staff are familiar with our existing equipment and have navigated the platform with ease. Jenny McVeigh - Deputy Head

Codimg Hub interface
Example of the Codimg Hub platform

Impact on Lesson Study

Combe Pafford School's embrace of lesson study and Codimg's video analysis capabilities has significant benefits for both teachers and students. By leveraging Codimg's intuitive interface and comprehensive tagging system, teachers were able to conduct thorough self-reflection and analysis of their teaching methods. The ability to easily share their insights and observations within small groups nurtured a culture of collective learning and growth.

The application of Codimg and Codimg Hub within the lesson study framework at Combe Pafford School led to notable improvements in engagement.

All of our teachers are busy individuals with lots of work commitments. This recent round of lesson study feedback demonstrated higher levels of engagement than previous rounds. The staff team valued the ease of uploading videos and the fact that all group members demonstrated active participation with regards to commentating, questioning and responding to the video content uploaded. I believe that that this improved engagement was due to the quality of the Codimg Hub platform and the improved accessibility it promotes. Jenny McVeigh - Deputy Head

Key Takeaways

Our collaboration with Combe Pafford School stood out due to several key factors. Firstly, the tailored implementation of Codimg to meet the school's specific requirements, including iPad compatibility and audio recording, ensuring seamless integration into their existing technology infrastructure. Secondly, Codimg’s user-friendly interface and tagging capabilities provided a comprehensive solution for video review and the Codimg Hub App facilitated the efficient sharing of insights and findings within the team.

Codimg demo at coombe pafford school

Our team’s commitment to ongoing support and professional development for Combe Pafford School played a vital role in the partnership's success. By providing training and resources, AnalysisPro empowered teachers to maximise the benefits of Codimg, ensuring its sustainable long-term usage.


Our collaboration with Combe Pafford School and the implementation of Codimg video analysis software and Codimg Hub have transformed their teacher coaching and lesson study practices. The combination of innovative technology, collaborative tools, and a commitment to professional development has enabled teachers to continuously improve their practices, resulting in enhanced learning experiences for students. Through the power of video analysis and seamless communication, Combe Pafford School and AnalysisPro have shown how lesson study can drive teaching excellence and foster a culture of growth and development in the educational landscape.

We are excited to continue to work with Codimg and Codimg Hub here at CPS in the future. Now we have tested the platform, we hope to use the technology beyond our lesson study cycles. We plan to use video to support our coaching structure next year. Projects in the Autumn Term will focus on embedding behaviour management strategies within our different Phases and also ensuring consistency within our phonics teaching. Video will be used to capture short bursts of practice and will then be used to provide feedback and action points based on the video capture. We feel that the video coaching will help to embed systems and promote consistency across the school. In turn, staff will be clear on expectations and pupils will receive quality teaching. Jenny McVeigh - Deputy Head

If you are seeking to enhance teacher coaching, facilitate meaningful lesson study, and drive continuous improvement in your own educational setting, consider the power of video analysis software. Codimg provides a comprehensive solution that enables educators to capture, analyse, and share valuable teaching moments with ease. Embrace the opportunity to transform your classrooms, nurture a culture of professional development, and unlock the full potential of teaching and learning.

Reach out to AnalysisPro today to discover how Codimg can revolutionise your educational practices and embark on a journey towards exceptional teaching excellence. Together, let us inspire the next generation of learners through innovative technologies and a commitment to ongoing growth and improvement.


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