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Evan Talty: Enhancing Coaching With Video Analysis

In October 2023, we invited Evan Talty to be a guest on a webinar to discuss his use of video analysis as a coach and how it can enhance practice, developing a game model and player development. In this blog, we look into the insights shared during the webinar. Join us as we explore Evan's unique approach to coaching and his strategies for implementing effective game models using the Nacsport video analysis software.

Evan's Background

Evan Talty has 20 years of playing experience with Club and County. He has 9 Senior Club Championships and 2 Munster Club Championships with Kilmurry Ibrickane GAA Club, as well as winning a Tommy Murphy Cup medal with the Clare Senior Footballers. After a successful playing career, he transitioned into coaching and management. To compliment his playing experience and push the boundaries of his coaching knowledge, he studied for a Masters in Applied Sports Coaching at the University of Limerick and completed it in 2022. His Master's research centred around the ‘Experiences of implementing a game model using a games-based approach in a live ladies inter-county football environment.’ More recently, he took up the role of coaching the Roscommon U21 Football team.

Evan Talty offers a refreshing perspective drawn from his coaching journey, which he describes as "still in its early stages". Like many coaches, Evan continuously seeks to enhance his knowledge and skills by attending coaching conferences and webinars. However, what sets him apart is his commitment to distilling valuable insights from these experiences and applying them to his coaching methodology.

Evan Talty - Nacsport

Understanding the Game Model

Evan's coaching philosophy revolves around the concept of developing a game model, which he defines as the coach's vision of how the game should be played. He emphasises the importance of coaches staying true to their unique vision rather than merely imitating others. Through his experience, Evan has come to appreciate the diversity in how different coaches perceive the game, highlighting the diverse perspectives within the GAA community.

Central to Evan's approach is the breakdown of the game model into principles of play, performance analysis, session planning and required skills. Drawing from his research and practical experience, Evan emphasises the need to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and on-field application. By identifying key principles and skills tailored to his team's style of play, Evan lays the groundwork for effective coaching and player development.

Evant Talty GAA Slide

Implementation and Analysis

Evan's approach extends beyond theory to practical implementation on the training ground. He emphasises the importance of designing training sessions that align with the identified principles and skills. By focusing on specific areas of the game model, he ensures that his players are well-prepared to execute their roles effectively during matches.

An integral aspect of Evan's coaching methodology is the use of Nacsport video analysis software to evaluate player performance and adherence to the game model. Through careful observation and data collection, he gains valuable insights into his players' strengths, areas for improvement and execution of the game model. This analytical approach enables him to make informed decisions when planning training sessions and strategies for upcoming matches.

Training Analysis: Turning Plans into Action

Evan emphasises the importance of evaluating training sessions to ensure they align with the team's objectives. By analysing session plans and player performances, coaches can identify what worked well and areas for improvement. For instance, understanding how drills translate into game scenarios can refine training methodologies and enhance player development.

Evan Talty GAA slide

Opposition Analysis: Cracking the Code

One of the critical aspects of preparation is dissecting the opponent's game plan. Through analysis, coaches gain insights into key players, tactical patterns, and strategic vulnerabilities. Evan illustrates this with an example from a match against Carlow, where identifying a pivotal player's tendencies led to strategic adjustments, ultimately influencing the game's outcome.

Evan Talty GAA slide

Match Trends Analysis: Unveiling Patterns

Analysing match trends provides valuable insights into team dynamics and strategic preferences. Evan highlights Kerry's strategic prowess against Clare, where they capitalised on foot passes to execute devastating attacks. By recognising such trends, teams can tailor their strategies to exploit weaknesses and optimise their performance on the field.

Evan Talty Gaa Slide

Player Analysis: Nurturing Talent

Individual player analysis forms the cornerstone of performance evaluation and player development. Through detailed scrutiny of player actions and decision-making, coaches identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By leveraging player analysis, coaches can provide targeted feedback, refine player skills, and optimise team dynamics for peak performance.

Evan Talty GAA Slide

Maximising Analysis Tools: The Nacsport Hub Advantage

Evan underscores the value of leveraging modern analysis tools like the Nacsport Hub to streamline data collection, analysis, and player engagement. By harnessing the power of this platform, coaches can facilitate seamless communication, empower players with personalised feedback, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Nacsport Hub Evan Talty GAA

Empowering Teams through Analysis

It's evident from Evan's experience that strategic analysis is more than just crunching numbers, it's about extracting actionable insights, fostering player development, and optimising team performance. By embracing the principles of performance analysis and leveraging cutting-edge tools, teams can embark on a journey of continuous improvement, unlocking their full potential on the field.

In the dynamic world of Gaelic football, where every pass, tackle, and decision matters, performance analysis enables coaches to shine a light, illuminating the path to improvement and shaping the future of the game models.


Watch Evan's Webinar

We would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't watched Evan's webinar in full to use the link below and watch it. It is full of actionable insights and goes into greater details of Evan's experiences.


Download Evan's Nacsport Files and Presentation Slides

Evan has kindly allowed us to share his Nacsport Scout Tagging Window and Dashboard with you all, along with his presentation slides, which you can download by clicking below. We have also made a short video showing how to use his resources.


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