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From Student Licences to Elite Users: A Journey with Nacsport

Louise and Emma Byrne's journey with Nacsport began during their university days at SETU Carlow, where they embarked on a path that would lead them to become top performance analysts within Gaelic Games and set up their own sports performance business, Byrne Performance. Their story highlights how users can grow as analysts with Nacsport and how the different versions can support you at different stages of your journey.

Emma Byrne and Louise Byrne Coaching


Their Nacsport Journey 

Louise and Emma, both passionate about sports and coaching, were introduced to performance analysis during their time at university. Studying for their Bsc Sports Management and Coaching, they recognised the importance of leveraging data to enhance team performance. They explored various software packages while in college before discovering the various offerings of Nacsport. It was through their involvement with university teams that they encountered Nacsport for the first time and started a trial of Nacsport Scout, before purchasing a student licence of their own.

Nacsport Analysis Session

Growing with Nacsport

Once they left university with their BSc and a Master's in Strength and Conditioning, their expertise and responsibilities grew, and so did their need for more advanced features. Nacsport's flexible licensing system allowed them to seamlessly upgrade from their student licence to a scout licence, and more recently, multiple licences, including an Elite licence for professional analysis workflows.

As their proficiency with Nacsport grew, so did their ambitions. Recognising the need for more advanced features and enhanced capabilities, Louise and Emma upgraded to the professional Elite version of Nacsport. This transition empowered them to take their analysis to new heights, providing them with the tools they needed to support elite-level teams effectively. They can capture and analyse live with Nacsport Elite, then share this video and data to Nacsport CoachStation for enhanced live review to be carried out by the teams they support.

On game day, if we are at a venue like Croke Park where we have multiple feeds to the box, we use Nacsport Elite to tag the game live. At half time, we like to project a Dashboard onto the wall in the dressing room for the whole team to see some information. Our coaches have Nacsport CoachStation, so we can stream images and data straight to them during the game.

Nacsport at Croke Park

While they spend a lot of their time providing performance analysis for Gaelic Games teams in Ireland, Louise and Emma also leverage Nacsport's capabilities in their current positions within the GAA. They also utilise the KlipDraw integration to create engaging content for coach development modules as a part of their jobs. This demonstrates the versatility of Nacsport, extending its application beyond traditional performance analysis.

Nacsport Video Analysis GAA

Throughout their journey, Louise and Emma have taken advantage of our support services. Our comprehensive Nacsport Knowledge Base and dedicated support team ensured that Louise and Emma could maximise the benefits of Nacsport and enabled them to focus on their analysis work without hindrance.

Looking Forward: Continuous Learning and Sharing the Knowledge

Louise and Emma's passion for continuous learning is evident in their ongoing exploration of Nacsport's newest features, such as the Nacsport Hub. This lets them share clips and Dashboard images live during an analysis, but serves as an interactive and collaborative platform for teams to best review and get the most out of the analysis provided to them by Louise and Emma. They are also actively involved in promoting student access to Nacsport licenses, recognising the value the software holds for aspiring analysts and coaches.

Louise Byrne Nacsport Video Analysis GAA


Louise and Emma's journey with Nacsport perfectly shows the transformative impact of performance analysis on coaching and team performance. Starting as students with limited resources, they leveraged Nacsport's intuitive platform and flexible licensing options to grow into elite users. They have become trusted partners in the world of sports performance analysis, showcasing the power of dedication, innovation, and collaboration.


Emma and Louise Byrnes Tools

If you would like to discuss any of the solutions we have mentioned above, please feel free to contact us.


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