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  • Josh Bryan

Growth of Nacsport in Schools, Colleges and Universities

We have been really pleased to see how many different schools, colleges and universities have joined the Nacsport community in the UK over the past few years. Today, I would like to take the chance to welcome some more of these to the community, especially as they are becoming the breeding ground for the analysts of tomorrow!

To help educational environments, we like to provide a starting 20% educational discount for Nacsport licences to schools, colleges and universities in the UK and Ireland, along with providing the popular Nacsport Student Rental licence. This rental licence gives students their own Nacsport Scout Plus licence for a year, for just £50, so they can continue their use of Nacsport in their own time and apply video analysis processes out in the field.

The real benefit for these students is that they are learning video analysis processes on a software which is a viable option for any club they may go to work at, due to the affordable cost of Nacsport and features available in the very starting version, Nacsport Basic.

For now, we would like to say a warm welcome and thanks to the following groups who have chosen to use Nacsport for their video analysis processes. It’s a great example of the different settings where Nacsport can be used as these places will be using Nacsport across a variety of sports, for enhancing understanding, performance and video analysis workflows!

Bishops Challoner School – Nacsport Basic will be used here by Martin Smith.

Culford School – Andy Northcote is making use of Nacsport Pro Plus to capture and live review their Cricket sessions.

Reeds School – Nacsport Scout Plus and Tag&go will be used here, predominantly with the

Hockey team through Brett Garrard and James Norman.

City of Liverpool College – As the Programme Leader for Higher Education in Sport, Chris Dowling selected 4 Nacsport Basic Plus licences.

Northern Regional College – Damian McCarry makes use of a Nacsport Pro Plus licence for the Sport and Exercise Science course at the College.

Pangbourne College – Daniel Paynter has a Nacsport Basic licence for use with the Hockey teams.

Stewarts Melville College – The college have 11 Nacsport Basic licences that will be used across their PE Department.

Fettes College – We have worked with Fettes College for a number of years, with James Pillinger choosing our fixed AP Capture solution as you can see here. We’re very pleased that James has expanded the video analysis processes at the college, by since upgrading their fixed camera to a new 4K camera, along with getting 2 Nacsport Tag&go licences, a Nacsport Pro Plus licence with KlipDraw Animate integration and our AP Wireless solution. This means that live captures of the IP Camera can be analysed in Nacsport, with the registered actions and live Dashboard being streamed wirelessly around the Hockey pitch for others to review during a game! You can see an example of the Scotland Women’s Hockey team making the most of that below. As always, thanks for your continued support James!

Edinburgh Napier University – Chris Edmans previously chose 3 Nacsport Basic Plus licences for students at the University, with new students also making the most of the Nacsport

Student Rental licences on offer recently.

Northumbria University – Alex Delves is growing the video analysis processes in place at the University, with 2 new Scout Plus licences and Student Rental licences too, the students of Northumbria can apply their workflows easily. The Nacsport licences are also working alongside existing SportsCode licences that were at the University.

Robert Gordon University – Donnie MacDonald is the Subject Lead for Sport and Exercise Science at RGU, a University who recently started and MSc in Applied Sports Performance Analysis. To enhance the student experience, we are very pleased that Donnie chose Nacsport and that RGU are now making great use of the powerful workflows that can be achieved with 2 Nacsport Elite, 2 Nacsport Pro Plus and 2 Nacsport Tag&go licences. Student at RGU are also utilising the Student Rental Licence offer to further improve their working practices.

Southampton Solent University – We started our relationship with Solent earlier this year, after they chose the AP Capture Telescopic Sports Mast solution. Since that time, we are delighted that the Uni has continued their journey with us by getting an additional 2 Mobile Tripods and a fixed camera for use with their football program at Test Park. With all this new footage, they needed a way for their students to easily analyse both live and post event. This is all possible with their new 13 Scout Plus licences and 3 Pro Plus licences for in-depth live workflows. We would really like to thank James Wright and Louis Langdown for their continued trust and expanded use of our synergetic tool box!

University of Essex – Chris McManus gave us the great pleasure of having a fresh canvas and wish list to work on with him. An installation of fixed IP Cameras as part of the AP Capture solution is well underway for the new sports hall being created for use with multiple sports, and Chris also wanted to create a learning environment for students and teams to benefit from using video analysis workflows together. Thanks to the educational discounts available as mentioned at the start of this post, Essex University are another example of a place that can really kit out a learning environment with the number of tools they require to achieve their goals. We’re really excited for the students to get stuck into their 15 Scout Plus and 2 Pro Plus licences, particularly because they will all have the use of KlipDraw Animate inside Nacsport. We’re sure that there is going to be some great content created across the variety of sports that will benefit from video analysis!

We would like to say thanks once again to all of our new users and really look forward to seeing how they continue to expand their video analysis processes within their team’s performances and student’s learning journeys. Thanks everyone!


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