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  • Bradley Grice

Nacsport & KlipDraw, the popular video analysis choice for education

Staff members of universities, schools and colleges in the UK & Ireland are continuing to grow their awareness of the Nacsport & KlipDraw video analysis software packages available for education organisations. They are already a very popular choice for many!

We know how important it is for people to learn and use software to assist the coaching process and sporting performance in an educational environment.

We are pleased and proud of how the Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software has become a crucial part of video analysis in education, featuring in many sport and exercise science & sports coaching degrees, sport programmes in colleges and also used by school sports coaches as a tool to assist their players and teams.

Yes, the Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software is used by national governing bodies and professional teams like Liverpool FC, Clermont Rugby, England Rugby League, Limerick GAA and the English Institute of Sport, but it’s not only for the top flight! The features and range of versions available mean it is affordable for local grass-roots teams, schools, colleges and universities – in fact, the majority of Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software users are of this type.

We currently have 60+ educational organisations using the Nacsport and KlipDraw tools!

But why is the Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software so popular in education? Let’s look at some of the key features and benefits of using Nacsport and KlipDraw in these different settings.

Nacsport and KlipDraw in Universities

Geographical map of universities using Nacsport

As you can see on the map above, the Nacsport & KlipDraw video analysis software is used in many universities across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales! Nacsport Scout Plus is our most popular video analysis tool in education, due to it’s affordability and the amount of features on offer to support the learning processes. Some key points as to why Nacsport is popular for universities:

  1. Intuitive and comprehensive for sport and exercise science performance analysis module teaching and sports coaching courses.

  2. Custom made packages ideal for performance analysis suites or labs.

  3. Comprehensive template, statistical dashboard and presentation building.

  4. 5+ formats of XLS Excel outputs.


  6. Heat maps.

  7. A powerful tool for research projects.

  8. An excellent applied video analysis tool for university sports coaches, teams and players.

  9. Can be supplemented with additional student licencing for hands on experience to assist with current roles and placements.

  10. Enhanced with our certification options.

  11. Orientation sessions available as well as further training.

  12. Full technical support and regular feature updates provided.

  13. Cost effective with lifetime licences, educational discounts and recommended annual support and update renewals.

  14. Synergy with other video analysis software and platforms.

  15. Live capture processes and workflows to share video and data to the bench (to replicate professional applied processes).

  16. KlipDraw integration.

Don’t just take our word for it though:

With the expansion of performance analysis at our university, we quickly learnt that the support from AnalysisPro is brilliant, you really feel like you are joining an analysis community. Nicola Theis, University of Gloucestershire
Nacsport provides a perfect and user-friendly platform on which to breakdown and evaluate performance. Dr Edward Hope, University of Essex
The support that we have received from AnalysisPro was essential during our transition to the Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software. It is an incredibly robust and flexible tool that is constantly being updated and improved and can easily be integrated into any high-performance sports environment and I cannot recommend it highly enough Alex Delves, Northumbria University
We are very proud to provide our students access to the Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software within our undergraduate and MSc Programmes at IT Carlow. The fact that we can teach our students to use such powerful software allows them to make a positive impact within their sports. Nacsport understands that the demands within performance analysis are continually changing. This is very evident by the number of software updates and developments they make to their software every year. The Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software is brilliant, but the support that AnalysisPro provides is unrivalled. They are always on hand to provide solutions and advice. Whether it is through their support website or just over the phone, they are always there to enable our students to be the best they can be. Johnny Bradley, IT Carlow

Johnny Bradley teaching Nacsport video analysis software at IT Carlow  for performance analysis education

Nacsport in College Education

Cardiff and Vale College use Nacsport video analysis software for education

Along with all of the features and benefits mentioned above (which naturally apply in all settings), here are some further examples of why colleges work with Nacsport too:

  1. An ideal introductory tool to the world of sports coaching and performance analysis.

  2. Easy to use template, statistical dashboard and presentation building, with the even more affordable and popular Nacsport Basic Plus version.

  3. Using video as tool to develop teams and players.

  4. Enlighten the minds of young coaches with this core coaching craft.

Nacsport for Schools

Dungiven School use Nacsport video analysis software for education
  1. Sports coaches will benefit from an easy to use and cost effective programme to improve core sports teams.

  2. Save time when working with video and make a critical difference for player development.

  3. Support available to help you get up and running quickly!

  4. Create a show reel for end of year assembly overlaid with music.

  5. Breakdown your footage from school competitions.

  6. Introduce to pupils as a potential career choice.

  7. Involve injured players or others who want to be involved in sport.

You can start a free 30 day trial of any Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software version to try these processes out for yourself. By making contact, I can get you started with a trial and learn more about what you would like to achieve. This will help me to ensure you are on the most suitable version and using the best workflows possible!

For education, we apply a starting 20% discount on Nacsport lifetime licence purchases. You won’t see these in the brochure below, but it will give you an idea of how affordable Nacsport is as a video analysis tool for you to use!


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