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Nacsport & KlipDraw in Universities & Colleges – more popular than ever!

If you follow us on social media, it won’t be ‘news’ that Nacsport and KlipDraw have expanded throughout the educational performance analysis environment!

We refer to users of our performance analysis solutions as the #APfamily and with the Nacsport Video Analysis software & KlipDraw Animate tool becoming more and more popular every day, the #APfamily is bigger than ever!

We have certainly noticed a big uptake from Universities and Colleges throughout the UK & Ireland, who see Nacsport as the perfect tool for them to achieve their learning requirements and key workflows. Other determining factors in their decision making process have been the major benefits of lifetime licences, affordable costs with our educational discounts, continual feature updates and dedicated support.

With the expansion of performance analysis at our university, we quickly learnt that the support from AnalysisPro is brilliant, you really feel like you are joining an analysis community.

Nicola Theis, University of Gloucestershire

Nacsport provides a perfect and user-friendly platform on which to breakdown and evaluate performance.

Dr Edward Hope, University of Essex

The support that we have received from AnalysisPro was essential during our transition to Nacsport. It is an incredibly robust and flexible tool that is constantly being updated and improved and can easily be integrated into any high-performance sports environment and I cannot recommend it highly enough

Alex Delves, Northumbria University

We are very proud to provide our students access to Nacsport within our undergraduate and MSc Programmes at IT Carlow. The fact that we can teach our students to use such powerful software allows them to make a positive impact within their sports. Nacsport understands that the demands within performance analysis are continually changing. This is very evident by the number of software updates and developments they make to their software every year.

The software is brilliant, but the support that AnalysisPro provides is unrivalled. They are always on hand to provide solutions and advice. Whether it is through their support website or just over the phone, they are always there to enable our students to be the best they can be.

Johnny Bradley, IT Carlow

These quotes are a great testimony to what we aim to achieve here at AnalysisPro. Growing a community of users who are heavily supported and enhancing their environments through the application of powerful performance analysis workflows, on affordable and ever evolving solutions. You can see for yourself the many reasons as to why more educational institutions are working with us and making Nacsport their performance analysis software of choice!

So, what does a performance analysis lab actually look like?

There are no test tubes or Bunsen burners in these labs – but normally around twenty computers, personalised and ready for the students to learn performance analysis processes to take onto placements and beyond. Something made more easy for the students thanks to our popular Nacsport Student Rental licences too!

What can the Nacsport video analysis software do for students?

In a nutshell, the Nacsport video analysis software will allow students to clip key moments with a template that they create, for both live and post event analysis. They use two types of button to code –

Category buttons to ‘Clip’ and Descriptors to ‘Describe’.

When they have tagged their key moments, they can quickly review them in a timeline, along with interactive Dashboards and a matrix of stats.

They can then easily create a presentations of key clips to share, with notes and even drawings like spotlights and arrows from the KlipDraw Animate tool overlaid onto the clips.

They can present their analysis from within the software or export the presentation as an MP4 file to share as they wish. For research studies, the data from Nacsport can be exported in a variety of formats to manipulate further too. Analysis complete!

Who uses Nacsport already?

We are delighted to welcome some new users to the #APfamily this year, as well as recognising those who use it or have expanded their use in recent years!

In no particular order (and certainly not a conclusive list), thanks to the following Universities and Colleges for using Nacsport and KlipDraw Animate!

Northumbria University
Sheffield Hallam University
Southampton Solent University
University of Sunderland
Uni of Essex
IT Carlow
Durham University
University of Chester
Cardiff and Vale College
Bucks new Uni
Brooksby Melton College
University of Bath
Abertay University
City of Liverpool college
Leeds City College
Leed Beckett University
Robert Gordon University
Wrexham Glyndwr University
St Marys College
UCD Dublin
Edinburgh Napier
Ulster University
Writtle University College
Wellington College
University of Edinburgh
Accrington and Rossendale College
University of Gloucestershire
Hartpury Uni

Accelerating learning on Nacsport

A good way to introduce the Nacsport video analysis software is with one of our Performance Analysis workshops, available for full and half days. Here is a video to give you a flavour of what the workshops look like:

Workshops and online screen sharing sessions help to accelerate the learning journey of both staff and students. For independent learning, all of our solutions have in-depth video tutorials and articles housed on our support site that everyone is free to use at any time. This has been a really useful resource for all of our #APfamily, particularly those who are starting their performance analysis journey!


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