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  • Ollie Seymour

How Nacsport and Nacsport Hub Drive Team GB’s Success in Wheelchair Rugby

In the exhilarating world of Wheelchair Rugby, Team Great Britain has continuously showcased their prowess on the international stage. Their exceptional performances, including a gold medal win at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, have captivated audiences. Behind the scenes, Jem Akpinar, the dedicated sports analyst for Team GB, plays a crucial role in optimising their strategies and performance. Leveraging the power of sports video analysis software Nacsport and the integrated team communication platform Nacsport Hub, Jem has helped to unlock the team's true potential.

The AnalysisPro team visited Jem and the team at the Wheelchair Rugby European Championships in Cardiff to see their workflows first-hand. In this case study, we look into the impact of these cutting-edge technologies on Team GB's success.

AnalysisPro at Wheelchair Rugby European Chamionships 23


Analysing Data for Higher Percentage Positions

Jem Akpinar, the Performance Analyst for the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby (GBWR) team, harnesses the power of Nacsport to dissect crucial game data. By analysing video footage of recent games, Jem identifies patterns, player positioning, and tactical opportunities that can propel Team GB to higher percentage positions during matches. Through a deep understanding of the game, Jem's insights enable the team to exploit their opponent's weaknesses and maintain a competitive advantage.

Live Analysis and Bench Communication

One of the popular features of Nacsport is its capability for live video capture for analysis during the game. Jem utilises this functionality to provide real-time insights and guidance to the coaching staff and players during matches. With the assistance of AP Wireless, AnalysisPro's portable network solution, he establishes a dedicated network that facilitates seamless communication between the analyst and the bench. By streaming data from Nacsport to the bench, Team GB can make informed decisions and adapt their strategies on the fly.

"Our ability to perform live analysis and relay critical information to the bench in real time has significantly enhanced our team's agility and adaptability on the court. It allows us to make quick adjustments and keep the team in sync, ultimately improving our overall performance." Jem Akpinar - Performance Analyst

Nacsport Hub: Elevating Player Engagement and Development

To further enhance player engagement and development, Team GB relies on Nacsport Hub, a comprehensive online platform and mobile app. Nacsport Hub serves as a centralised hub for sharing video analysis with the entire team. Through this platform, players can access personalised performance data, review their own performances, and collaborate with coaches and fellow teammates. This increased interaction with video analysis empowers players to fine-tune their own performance, make more informed decisions on the court, and continually evolve their game.

"The integration of Nacsport Hub into our team's workflow has been transformative. It has revolutionised how we engage with video analysis, fostering a deeper understanding of our strengths and areas for improvement. The platform has become an invaluable tool for player development and team cohesion." Adam Scaturro - Assitant Coach

The Importance of Player Engagement in Decision Making

Team GB's success story underlines the significance of considering player engagement when implementing video analysis strategies. By utilising Nacsport and Nacsport Hub, the team has created a culture of active participation and collaboration. This inclusive approach ensures that players are fully invested in their own development, which directly translates into enhanced performance on the court. Recognising the impact of player engagement on overall team dynamics is crucial for sustainable success.


The integration of Nacsport and Nacsport Hub into Team GB's performance analysis framework has transformed their approach to Wheelchair Rugby. Jem Akpinar's meticulous analysis using Nacsport has given the team a competitive edge, enabling them to secure higher percentage positions during matches. The real-time data streaming facilitated by AP Wireless has enhanced on-the-fly decision-making, improving adaptability during games. Nacsport Hub has elevated player engagement and development, providing a platform for personalised analysis and collaboration within the team. By embracing these innovative technologies, Team GB has solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Wheelchair Rugby.

"Our journey with Nacsport and Nacsport Hub has been instrumental in our success. These tools have not only helped us analyse data and strategise effectively but have also fostered a stronger bond within the team. The combination of advanced video analysis and player engagement has unlocked our true potential" Jem Akpinar - Performance Analyst

As Team GB continues to dominate the Wheelchair Rugby arena, their partnership with AnalysisPro and their utilisation of Nacsport and Nacsport Hub serve as a testament to the transformative power of sports video analysis software. The future holds exciting possibilities for Team GB, and their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies ensures that they will remain at the forefront of the sport, inspiring athletes and fans alike, and setting a new standard for excellence in Wheelchair Rugby.





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