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  • Josh Bryan

The PA Journey at Millfield School

Millfield School are now well into their third year of using our different video analysis solutions to provide performance analysis support and feedback to both the staff and students of the school. The uptake and use of different video analysis solutions has continued to grow and develop at the school, with the performance analysis now also being led by Kristen Wright. In this blog post, I would like to share information on how performance analysis has grown and developed at Millfield School by showing which of our tools have been used and how they have been used in this multi-sport, young athlete environment. Firstly, I would like to provide you with a testimonial from the Director of Sport, David Faulkner, who we also used to work with when he was Performance Director at England Hockey:

The level of pupil feedback to improve learning has been significantly enhanced with the introduction of the affordable AnalysisPro systems and solutions that support the network of fixed IP cameras they installed across the campus. Across our sports we now have a level of immediate feedback that has improved the levels of pupil understanding of technical and tactical delivery within their respective sports. Overall, it is supporting our school mission of developing the potential within every pupil by providing the necessary and appropriate feedback in training and competition.

Millfield School originally started using Nacsport when Mark Garaway got a licence for the Cricket side, then in the September of 2013, the school were up and running with more Nacsport licences.

At the start of 2014, we installed multiple fixed IP Cameras around the school, which could all be controlled and recorded through our AP Capture software. Cameras and mounts were installed outside at the Equestrian centre, Hockey, Cricket and Rugby pitches; with the Rugby and Cricket camera being swapped around depending on the time of year. Cameras were also installed in the Tennis centre and in the Sports Hall, with all cameras sitting on the school network so that the laptop with AP Capture could pick up and control them from different network points around the school and also even through the WiFi.

Up until January 2015, most of the analysis for the teams was being carried out by Charlie Barwis. But as teams were getting more used to the video analysis processes, we worked on how to expand performance analysis at the school by empowering coaches to carry out some of the workflows themselves. So at this time, some Nacsport Tag&go licences were provided to coaches to give them a method of analysing their own training sessions and games, with the data then being sent back to Charlie to associate with the video and link into the analysis he had carried out.

One of the main reasons that David Faulkner had wanted our IP Camera solutions initially was because we had talked about the ability to live stream events for others to view around the world. In February, we showcased our live streaming solution to the school by setting up a live stream of a tennis match between two of Millfield’s top Tennis students, which you can see more about here. We then also live streamed a Rugby match in March, with both videos being watched live in different parts of the world by student’s parents and also David who was in the Netherlands at the time! Millfield were really pleased with the results and also the user friendly solution we were providing, so they soon became their own broadcasters and continue to stream live events on their YouTube channel for different sports!

During this Summer, two more of our IP Cameras were installed on the Millfield School campus, which means that the Cricket and Rugby will no longer swap who has a camera at different times of the year and also that Hockey games played on the Butleigh Astros can be filmed and analysed live too. In this map of the school you can see where the cameras are located around the campus!

We’re really pleased to have Millfield School as one of our long standing users that also benefits from all of the different solutions we can provide, and they are a shining example of how different synergetic solutions can be used together for some really powerful processes that benefit both coaches and players in a variety of sports who all compete at a variety of levels too. So I would like to finish by saying a big thanks to David Faulkner and Millfield School for their continued trust in who we are and what we provide!


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