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  • Bradley Grice

Video Analysis in schools – It’s here for you!

Video analysis is no longer up and coming, it’s here and you should use it!

Chances are if you are a P.E teacher, you have heard all about the latest trends, including video analysis to improve and guide your students.

Chances are you have also thought the following….

  1. Video analysis is unaffordable for my school !!!

  2. I won’t have time to use it, I’m already too busy !!!

  3. There is nothing wrong with what we do now !!!

No.1 –  The Nacsport Basic software can cost a school just £104 (+vat) to get you going. Use any video file and put together a presentation of key moments to relay back to your teams and individuals.

No.2 – We know you are already an expert – utilise that knowledge to maximum effect with a very easy to use software, that could save you time when sharing your experience and feedback.

No.3 – Combine it with your existing processes, it won’t take over, it’s purely a tool to assist your processes.

See what is possible in the Nacsport Basic software mentioned above:

Our philosophy on the video analysis process:

We can assist and supply solutions for each part of this process. Camera recommendations and IP Camera solutions, video analysis software and apps, online sharing platforms.

Frequently asked questions from Teachers…..

Will it improve my players?

“Studies show coaches only remember about 30% of what happens – use video to see 100% and then show what you saw.”

Can I use it across all sports?

“Yes you can, make customised templates to suit whatever sport you are looking at!”

Will it work with any video file?

“Yes it will, from a domestic camera to state of the art IP cameras – it works.”

Will it help with moderation?

“Yes – Ease the moderation process. Have buttons to highlight when you see the skill you want the examination board to see!”

Can I make a showreel for assembly?

“Yes – let the whole school see your hard work”

Where else in the school does video analysis come in handy?

“Drama, language and teaching observations are also exciting prospects!”

“Marketing – post videos on social media and let us show you how to live stream!”

Is Performance Analysis becoming a big career prospect?

“Yes – There are plenty of PA careers and pathways for your students to explore across a variety of sports and also non-sports settings, like  training assessments and medical simulations!”

Who else uses Nacsport?

Ummmm, too many to mention but what about –

  1. 60+ countries around the world

  2. 35+ sports.

  3. It’s used at all levels of competition from grass root clubs, schools and universities, then all the way up to the very top flight.

  4. English Institute of Sport

  5. Cardiff Metropolitan University

  6. Even Dog Agility Team GB!

Can I try it for free? –

Yes – Contact AnalysisPro to trial Nacsport for free and get the best support along the way.

Start shooting, start analysing, start sharing!

Welcome to the world of AnalysisPro!


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