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Being able to review sports video live during a match or training session has a huge impact on increasing understanding, feedback and ultimately performance. The AP Live tablet app makes this process easy and effective for a team and coaches, as they can select from multiple cameras in their environment to review.

AP Live is the perfect addition to an AP Capture solution, especially for multiple fixed IP Cameras. We can configure your IP Cameras to be constantly recording, so the AP Live app can show a live view, a delayed feed and enable you to scrub back to any moment in those recordings.

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British Curling AP Live Tablet

Portable Review

With wireless connection to your camera recordings, you can use AP Live to review your footage on the move. Get involved with the session and make an impact straight away, by being able to show the footage from your tablet. Cast your tablet to a big screen to show in more detail too. When you find a moment in the video, you can add drawings over the feed and save out a clip onto the tablet’s storage. After you leave the environment, you can still have those key moments to review whenever you need them.

AP Live Multiple Cameras

Multiple Cameras

If you have multiple camera feeds in your setup, AP Live lets you watch them all. Choose one of your camera feeds then go straight to the live view and begin your reviewing process. When you add a camera feed into AP Live, you set the name and then see your camera in the selection field. Make sure to provide the best feedback possible by showing an action from the different camera angles you have available.

AP Live Camera Review

Easy Use

AP Live has been designed for quick and easy use. After selecting a camera, you instantly see the live feed. Quickly switch to a constantly delayed feed or scrub back to any moment with the timeline, add drawings over your video and save out a clip of the action with single taps. The most important thing for you when reviewing during a live situation is to quickly move around your video. Our interface and functionality has been developed in the field to match the requirements of teams in fast paced environments.

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